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I hope everyone is doing ok. Cn someone please remind me again how to add a graphic to my sons website? I have not done it in a while and I tried today and could not do it. I wanted to add something for Father's Day. Thank You. I pray for all of you and your angels everynight. I might not come here as often as I would like to but just know that all of you are in my thoughts and prayers. In May it was three years and there is not one day that goes by that I don't think of my Baby. I don't cry everyday like I used....now its every other day. LOL Oh, I still have my days where I cry all day. I miss him so much!!! I still ask why??? But I am accepting little by little that I will never know why. And all I can do is ask God to please take care of him for me until it is my turn...when I will be reunited with him again. You all take care. God bless you all. And I ask Him to please bring comfort and peace to your hearts. Luv you guys!

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I told Lois I would try to help her out with the pics on Saturday I will post here to help you too. Right now I am working 11 hours a day so I will have time Saturday when I am not working.
Love and Hugs
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Oh boy I do know how you feel as I know all us moms here feel the same. The pain never goes away some days are worse than others. I still cannot fathom never seeing my baby again, it eats me up all the time just the thought can put me beyond words. Is your site on the memory-of.com site? Cause if I remember correctly, when you go to edit, there is a picture that looks like a mountain? Go to the pic you want to add, right click and a box will come up and at the bottom it will say "properties", click on properties and copy the http link, then go to where you want to add the picture on his site, click on the little mountain thing and then right click, paste. I'm almost sure that's how you do it. Hopefully if I'm wrong cause I go alot now on last-memory site more but I still come back to my memory-of site since that is my first "real" memorial page besides the legacy.com one I never really go to anymore, so if I'm not on target on this hopefully Shirley or someone else will help