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Teahupoo Tahiti

Well, My daughter Aly is in Tahiti w/her family. It sounds like Chopo,long o, anyway the boys called it Chopes. It was a very special place for my Chris...it's where he would paddle out 25 minutes for the wave he loved...I look at him now as I write and I wish you all could see, 25ft at least...
Chris was able to get himself there 6 times and there was a family he met that he stayed with every time. Chris and I spoke of them...how good they were to him and how much he wished he could see them one more time...they were family to him. It's a village, small, isolated and of course beautiful.
The people there loved Chris as well...we were told children who were able to get one of the t-shirts in memory of Chris, they would not take them off until basically they were rags and they were still treasured.
These people were so good to my boy but we had no way to connect unless we went...well they went...
I was devastated at first until I remembered how dumb that was...reality did set in...I couldn't go. So I was able toget away from myself and I saw my Aly's pain rawer than I had yet...this is such a drag...
Anyway for my girl it will be hard, like she said "he's supposed to be there", she will be walking her brother's footsteps everywhere, it's that small. She's meeting & staying with Chris's 2nd family
in the place my Chris would have stayed forever if he could have...now he will...Aly has some of Chris's ashes...I wish I could have been able to go though...but I am very happy they are all together and am grateful to be able connect now. Chris has to be happy seeing his sis and her family w/ his tahitian family sharing memories and love...me, it seems my 'creative flow' is flowing. Another story but I'm keeping myself busy it seems.
Love as always to you

Re: Teahupoo Tahiti

wow, that place sounds so beautiful. I am glad your daughter was able to take some of Chris ashes to his favorite place. Im so sorry for all your going through. YOur in my thoughts and prayers.

Re: Teahupoo Tahiti

It does sound like a beautiful place, I wish you could have gone also. It is good that your daughter was able to so a part of Chris can now be in his favorite place.
Love and Hugs
Jimmy's Mom