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I got the judgement

I spoke with my attorney today he went to court for me on the 1st, my granddaughter's mother went into court with her husband and told the judge how I had been breaking the order. Long story short the judge didn't believe her and signed the judgement so I now have my grandparents rights for visitation. The only way she can change it is to take me back to court and prove I have done something wrong which I haven't and won't. Funny thing is she is so nice to my face actually she just called me and we chatted for about 1/2 hour she never mentioned a thing about court. I am just glad this is over with and she can not keep Sandra from me ever again.
Love and Hugs
Jimmy's Mom

Re: I got the judgement

congradulations!! I am so happy for you. And for your grandaughter.

Re: I got the judgement

Hi Shirley,
So happy for you that she can't mess with you. You really have to wonder as Jack Johnson sings, Where'd All the Good People Go? She should feel blessed you are here for your grand-daughter and herself.
I don't know how I'd have made it this far w/o my little guy Ez, almost 2 now...he was 5 months old when Chris was murdered.
Back to your good news...WHOO-HOO!!
Sending love out to you

Re: I got the judgement

Shirley, I am so glad that things went your way and that you now have an order that will keep her from preventing Sandra from seeing you. As you have said before she is crazy. Maybe it was good that you were not in court to listen to that BS. Have a good weekend with Sandra. I love ya. Darien

Re: I got the judgement

I am so happy for you. God she should feel blessed that you want to stay a part of her life!!!! My boys dad and whole family for that matter have nothing to do wth my boys, before and after Timmy was killed. After my son was killed, we didn't hear from any of them for over 2 years, not one phone call to my boys, do you need anythng, are you ok, would you like to come to bbq, NOTHING. and it hurt them, and still hurts them to think they are unwelcomed and unloved. I'm so happy for you I really am, and Sandra is one lucky little girl to have a wonderful grandmom like you. You ROCK!!!!