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just thinking

here i am thinking too much again. it makes me physically sick how much i miss Laycee. i miss her so much especially around this time of year. i miss all the things she never got a chance to do...even just to run, she only took three steps. i guess the only thing i can imagine worse than this is to never to have had her with me at all.i looked at the pictures of all of our murdered children and its almost too much.it hit like a bolt of lightening that because of someones stupid choice we are all rippped and torn apart.i hate that this happened to all of us.its just not fair. ok well im getting misty here. im gonna try to find something to do to get distracted.

Re: just thinking

April, it is so hard not to think of our children. They are part of us and that part was ripped from our lives. Yesterday I went to get a memorial tattoo on my leg, and while I was there I had tears in my eyes. not from the pain of the tattoo but the pain in my heart.

Re: just thinking

It seems that no matter what I am doing or where I go something always reminds me of My Jim, sometimes it brings a smile and sometimes it brings tears. I think this will happen for the rest of my life, I miss my son so much.
Jimmy's Mom

Re: just thinking

Kaylin is the first thing I think of when I wake up and the last thing before I go to sleep. I talk to her all the time. My life is consumed with something I am doing for her. I miss her everyday.