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Hey Kim

I am so glad to see you back on the message board. We all have missed you. I am sorry that you are a mental mess. I know I am and that is why I take meds. It just is too hard to go around feeling like u are losing ur mind all the time. I hope you will come back into chat. Of course I shouldn't say anything about that since I hardly go in myself because of my back. I am thinking about coming out there this summer if I can afford it, but I will have to see how it goes. Guess what I am getting a tattoo today if I don't chicken out.

Re: Hey Kim

I should have had mine by now, but Doug wants me to go to this guy that a friend of his uses who is very good. Since I don't know anyone personally and he comes recommended I want to go there too.
I am having a fibromyalgia flare and have been hurting like a big dog. Even to each joint in my fingers. Of course the pups like that I am sleeping so much, so they can too. I feel like I am 150 some days and I look like crap too. Heck last night I even got a charlie horse in my butt cheek, now how do you walk that out? LOL I miss ya'll too. I hope you don't chicken out D and I cannot wait to see it. Oh yeah, I just got the copy of her journal so I can get her name the way she wrote it to take to the tattoo guy. I am getting her name in her own writing with purple butterflies and daisies around it. What are you getting?

Re: Hey Kim

I got a blue butterfly with red hearts around it and her signiture in her own writing. I don't know how to put it on here but it's on my facebook page.