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I just want all of you to know how blessed i feel to have found this website. For the first time in the two years since I lost my Laycee I feel like someone umderstands everything I feel. By sharing your stories and lives (I have yet to read all postings) I actually feel like this is a place where I can be honest with you and myself about what Im going through. My heart goes out to you all. And again thank you all for your understanding and supporting comments. You ladies may just be the key in me staying sane..xoxo

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I don't know what I would have done without all my sister moms, I have been coming here for about two years and I too was so glad I found the site because everyone does understand. When I feel like I am going crazy someone always says not to worry they went through the same thing and felt the same way. Just know you are not alone.
Love and Hugs
Jimmy's Mom

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April, I also am so glad u found this site and you are right. This is a place where you can just be yourself with people who get it. Love ya, Darien

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I must say I agree, even though I don't come on as much as I'd like to (long story) but I do read the posts as much and reply as best as I can. But yes we are all here for each other and sending lots of (((hugs))) your way.


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Hi April. I am so sorry about your daughter. I haven't been coming on as much either, but I never would have survived without MOMS. I get missing it and promise myself I will get back regularly, but I just don't focus on ANYTHING anymore. I have let my house get in messes I NEVER would have before, I have let my work slide. Sometimes I just don't care anymore. I feel like that depression commercial. Gee, think that ought to give me a clue I need to go back to therapy? Seems I make progress and someone or something is there to throw something in my way to make me fall again. I am so tired of the ups and downs. There rarely seems to be a middle ground anymore. I do not like how my life is right now, and I am frustrated and I know only my MOMS understand, but then I feel like I am complaining too much and whining and we know we are taught no one likes a whiner and then I try to act ok, but I am not ok and there are other MOMS who are hurting and I think I need to remember that and be there for them and then fall back into my own head and it feels like a vicious circle that I cannot get out of. I feel like a hamster running in a never ending grief wheel. And then I get off topic. See? I rant and get off topic. I want my old life back. :(

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i know how you feel. my housework also isnt what it used to be. its hard to find the energy to do anything some days.its like taking three steps forward then 3 back. never can get ahead or even on a regular ground. i understand..just when ya think things might be looking up down comes a crash to remind you nothing is the same and it never will be no matter how much we put on our masks and pretend to be ok. i think this is definaltly the place to come to whine, i dont think its whining though its venting and you need to be able to do that. just like you im tired of pretending to be okay when i dont even know what that is anymore. your in my prayers.xoxo