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Hope For The Day

In a perfect world, life doesn't hurt. There is no pain.

We don't have to shed tears because all is well. Reality

tells us that we don't live in a perfect world. Instead, we

do have pain, sorrow, and tragedies that come into

our lives quite unexpectedly. Life isn't always fair, and

we are left asking that age-old question, "Why?".

I don't think we'll ever answer the "why" question good

enough to satisfy us, BUT we can understand that we are

not alone in our pain. In this world, there are many sufferers,

and we can each learn from one another and gain new

strength and hope as we travel this road of grief.

As has been said before, sorrow is a new language that

we must learn, and it gives us new eyes in which we view

all of life. At first we feel like foreigners struggling to

find our way without a map. After a while, though, we

begin to struggle less until finally we find a new place

to call home, we learn the new language, and we have

keener, sharper eyesight in which to view life's beauty.

If you are struggling today in the land of sorrow, hold on

and continue putting one foot forward until you find your

place of level ground. Trust that as you travel this often lonely

path, you will find others along the way who will reach out

and help you. They will speak your language, and you

will no longer feel alone.

You will be filled with new hope each day until finally your

small flicker will turn into a sunbeam of hope that will light

the way for you from the dark path of sorrow into the healing

light of new-found peace and inner joy! -Clara Hinton

"Yes, things are different now, but they will get better! Hope

is alive and will lead the way!" --Clara Hinton

"Behold, God is my helper; the Lord is the sustainer of

my soul." --Psalm 54:4

Re: Hope For The Day

Thank you Angie
How true this isn't a perfect world and I hope some day I find peace for my heart.
Love and Hugs
Jimmy's mom

Re: Hope For The Day

Thanks Angie This author sounds like she knows all about sorrow and the the hope we all search for.It was beautifully written thank you for sharing it with us.Love and God Bless

Re: Hope For The Day

Angie, I hope I will someday get to that place of peace. So far it hasn't happened for me, but I appreciate the inspirational words. Than you. Love ya, Darien