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Prayers Please

Can you all keep me in your prayers please, plus my boys, we are really having such difficult times right now.

Thanks mom's
Timmy's mom

Re: Prayers Please

hi Bette,
My thoughts and prayers are with you. Sorry this is a hard time for you and your boys. I know it's not easy, my 20 yr old nephew has been with us 5 mos. sometimes he can be pretty angry...he is hurting so bad. My son Chris and his 2 cousins were like brothers. The things my nephew says can surprise me but Chris would probably have said the same if he were here and one of them were not...but all the same there is way too much anger.
With such a ridiculous sentence we've had to accept I worry about these young men, to have that anger follow them through life...they're still so young to have been forced to accept such brutal unfairness...I think about that. And they will see him free in 9 months...Everyone knows who he is...the Big Island is really very small in that way...we all knew each other.
So I pray for all the brothers, male cousins and friends who know this kind of pain to remember the love and goodness the ones we lost would want for us. I believe in that way it will be easier for us to carry on.
I will be giving you and your boys some extra time tonight when I ask God again to help me remember the love so I can do what I have to do...
Please tell your boys that I care and I am so sorry for their pain of losing their baby brother...
Lots of Love to you and your family

Re: Prayers Please

Dear Bette
You are never further away than a prayer.I pray for peace for you and your boys and hope that counseling will do some good.You have survived the worst of the worst.Although sometimes I don't know how much more can be heaped on us,there is nothing in this world that anyone can say or do that will be worse than the news I received on March 31st 2008.With that in mind I continue to go on as all of us have with pain in my heart but a will to survive whatever comes my way.The truly happy times I've experienced are those times when Nicky's memory is brought to life in all who loved and remembered him.It warms my heart so. You have strength Bette,reach down inside yourself and yank it out! I'm rooting for you girl! Always in my prayers

Dear Lois
I am sorry for your nephews pain.It is only natural he and your family should feel the way that they do.I know what you mean about all the males deep down inside wanting to take their own revenge at the injustice of it all.I will keep them in prayer as that is another worry down the road.Nicky has 3 brothers and many uncles and friends who want to get their hands on Nicky's killers for even a minute.Heck I want to be left in a room with them for 5 seconds,but that will achieve nothing.And so I turn to God for His revenge.Love to you and Bette and your families.

Re: Prayers Please

I am sorry you are going through so much insanity, I would think the murder of our children would be enough for a life time and can't understand why all these other things keep happening.
I will always keep you and your boys in my heart and in my thoughts.
Love and bunches of hugs
Jimmy's mom

Re: Prayers Please

Bette, I hate it for you that you and your boys are having such a hard time. Murder can just devastate Families. I will be keeping you in my heart and will be sending positive thoughts your way. Love ya, Darien

Re: Prayers Please

Bette, You and your boys are always in my prayers. I am sorry you are having such a hard time. Love, Paula

Re: Prayers Please

sending my prayers 2 u mom love joann hubert mom,