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So I'm sure some of you ladies think I may be alittle bit nuts...you are right you know...but that has nothing to do with anything these days.
Anyway I told you how I saw my 1st rainbow on 4/21 the day between my daughter and my birthdays. I held back on the rest of that morning, one week ago today.

The morning of the 21st I was bumbed...I had disappointed my daughter...she said cash would be good. So I did just that, so easy it was...but Aly got hurt by how impersonal it was...I felt bad.
So my 1st customer that day is 'free-spirit' kind of guy wearing quite the impressive shell necklace. He had maybe 10 of these 3" cone shells and a big calery shell in the middle. It was awesome...he said they came from Hawaii...I knew...I said "but you didn't find them" and he said "yes I did and they are the most poisonous, if you get stung you puke your insides out your mouth" I knew that too...

Quite the moment. He went on to tell me he was a "healer"...he traveled around the world helping people with different ailments...he named a few, bad knees etc. I said "grief?" and he says is he your husband...no my son...he says he was strong, he was bright...he's standing right beside you...and then he said He says your strong too...so he gets his donuts and he's off. I thought about him abit, wished I had gotten his name and then the rest of the crew came in. The weather looked abit like it might bring a rainbow and I said how I hoped it would...the 'healer' had been gone about an hour, in the next few minutes they telling me some guy wants to talk to me, it's him. He askes me if I can step outside, I do. He tells me how Chris wants me to "accept and forgive"...Pops wasn't in his right mind...if he only hadn't said "Pops" and then he tells me he has to show me something...says Chris drug him back here to show me...we walked out and looked up...yes the rainbow, he had more...a jacket to keep me warm, a beach towel w/ Marlboro on it he said to remind me to never smoke again...a plastic barret in a bow to remind to put a bow in my hair sometimes...I said I'm going to have to get my car keys as he kept piling things on me. Even a picture frame a big one..."weren't you looking for a frame?" Yes for Chris' poster...perfect size.
He told me his name was Benjamin.

What can I say it's how it went. So today I had another 'coincidence' occur...
my first customer asks if I would trade him for a cup of coffee, he's homeless and kind of nuts poor guy...he's getting the coffee. And he does have something to trade...he drops it in my hand...it's a small pin...he says he found it outside the bakery...it's an angel...and it says MOM on it...so I had a day with an angel in my pocket that says Mom.

So looking at my angel here tonight I thought maybe my story might bring some comfort...I hope so. I feel my son with me alot...not all the time and not like it should be at all...but I believe I'll be with him again. These 'coincidences' help I guess.

About Aly's disappointment...I prayed that for guidance...I was creative dang it. I dug out my beads, picked a few of Chris' shell, a couple from big island found at Chris' rock, some other momentos I somehow found and made the most beautiful window hanging...an abundance of flowers, no shortage of rainbows...the shells are our flowers.
Aly loves it and loves I completed it...a major stride.
Love to you all

Re: coincidences....okay...

I believe in signs and that our angels are with us always. I find dimes and see butterflys at the oddest times and places. And many other "coincidences" have happened to me a lot lately, where my son kept coming up from all over the place. I felt that it was his way of telling me to keep on going and not to give up, as that is how I felt so much lately. I hope it gives me strength as I hope your signs give you the strength to know they are always with us.

Timmy's mom

Re: coincidences....okay...

How wonderful for you, I am sitting here with tears of joy for you. I was on the big Island last summer decided to get a new tattoo for My Jim to my surprise the lady who did my tat started talking about Jimmy she knew things that there was no way she could have known if Jim wasn't right there telling her.
I don't think you are nuts at all I think you have a son that loves you very much.
Love and Hugs
Jimmy's Mom

Re: coincidences....okay...

Thankyou it's good to know you have your own coincidences to let you know our children are still here with us...watching over us. Besides us MOMS who else would truly know the depths of our pain and sadness but our children. I know my Chris would have done anything to keep me from this kind of hurt...so it makes sense to me he would do everything he could to let me know he was still here loving us...still wanting only good for us...so I choose to believe and continue to ask God to let my boy give me a coincidence every so often so I can feel him close...I know he would if he could because he loved me
love to you

Re: coincidences....okay...

I am so glad you got to have that experience. June 1 our POMC is having a psychic. I am hoping that Kaylin shows up. I need to hear from her. I got a copy of her journal and it was hard to read. I know it was how she felt at the moment but it hurts. Then I thought I was doing something to help and it backfired on me and I just feel like I let her down. I fell like I have let her down so much and I am having a hard time with that so I hope she shows up and tells me that she forgives me. I miss her and it is coming up on the 2 year date. I hate summer too. I love that you shared this. It always makes me smile to know that they are still close to us.