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More Questions

I was wondering if the victim's advocates you have had were part of the Prosecutor's office. The lady I dealt with was and I've felt she is just the powerless mouthpiece for that inept office...HAWAII. That this happened there only makes it worse. They are so corrupt. Anyway I pretty much felt she was more on their side than ours.
Is that how you feel about the people you have dealt with. I do hope not...
I listened to a message from her returning my call about the polygraph he was deceptive on giving in his statement that is ironically #23 condition of his plea deal...Chris' birthday Feb.23. The other conditions are pretty much b/s... so they gave him another chance...3 months to come up with a truthful and accurate account...it's 6 mos here soon.

I called my 'victim's advocate' 1 month ago. The POS wanted a second opinion I guess. Of course being HAWAII that is easier said...etc. No one available on the whole island so they found one on Maui that was to examine the 1st. polygraph to see if he agrees with the first results...DECEPTIVE.
My v/o was 2 wks late Monday so I called.

First off she tells me she knows I have questions but that they are actively trying to get this done...for him...it's seems. Now she saying something about a polygrapher from the national database...what is going on here...

WELL... now that I think on that last thought...I remember that I have read that police report it seems they just want it all to go away...there was no self-defense just my boy defenseless against a gun held by his father...how did he ever get the 2nd chance, it was supposed to be done before the plea acceptance hearing. It's like they don't even trust their own people either or they want to find someone to disagree so they are off the hook for coming up with so little time for such a brutally cold or how did he put it...he said "it was a well executed killing.It has to be done in a real quick fashion. I need to move on too." That's what he said.

I can't believe they have done this to my son's memory. He deserved their best...he loved hawaii and it's people.

So I keep after them to complete the agreement a "truthful and accurate account of Hans Christian Randrup's death" #23. But I have to wonder if they can really do this it seems they are doing alot to make this statment work, I don't get it...they know what happened...could they have not read what I did?

I'll stop. Thanks for listening.
Lois/Chris' Mom

Re: More Questions

Replying to myself, GREAT.
Sorry Ladies I sound more like a nut than usual.
That's message the V/O left me today, I haven't spoken to her in a month. Her message just kind of p****d me off. Telling me what she wanted to say and still telling me nothing but more of they are doing all they can...BLA BLI BLA. Knowing I've seen the police report now.
There I go again when all I really want to say is I am sorry for putting out that kind of energy.
I'm sending love still or trying anyways.

Re: More Questions

Our advocate did work with the DA she was with us every step of the way, anything we didn't understand she explained to us and got answers to all of our questions. The first DA we had was taken off Jim's case because he failed to make sure the murderer's mother was told not to leave town. The second DA was handed the case two weeks prior to trial and she did a great job. I have to say we had the best group of people working on Jim's case. The only thing I have been upset about is the fact that the murderer's mother was never charged she drove to my son's home it was her gun and she is the one who started everything that led up to My Jimmy's murder. I am thinking you need to talk with someone other than your advocate, have you talked with the DA? You have to keep pushing because you are now Chris's voice. I wish I had answers for you, I would be crazier than I already am if the POS that murdered my son had only gotten a couple of years for what he did. Wonder if it would do any good to write to the Governor?
Love and Hugs
Jimmy's Mom

Re: More Questions

Thanks for the info Shirley. It really helped today at my therapy and when I got home with the call from Hawaii.
My therapist askes what I hope to accomplish reading report and all. I just wanted to know what they would not say or share with me. I've been treated like an outsider so I begged her to quit giving me the run around and please be HONEST... Now I know...it's as I thought all along...there was no fight...my son was shot lying down maybe asleep.
She finally opened up 16 mos later.
His first statement was what they took to the G/Jury on the lead Det. verbal that he had his cofession. They never read the Prosecutor never read it until after he was indicted on 2nd degree murder.
I read the statement and could not get how it got in...now I know.
I guess evidence was destroyed too.
No remorse, only for what he's done to himself, no acknowlegement to my daughter, agreeing with me when I said he just killed him and I thought there was some planning and Chris just walked into that house, told his dad again how he just wanted a Dad...Chris said he saw other fathers and knew how it should have been. What a monster...my fear that he is not done..."HIS life is over" so what the heck he's done it once to our strongest,,,our protector. She did not disagree...oh well I'm so sorry that happened to my boy...I should never have left him...

Thanks for the spot to get this all out because I am not doing so well for now...it helps some.

Re: More Questions

We never got one because we kept getting the run around so I bugged the DA and detective personally until I understood what they were doing.