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Mom's Let's help Debbie make this the greatest site on the net. As I read it has been a blessing to each of us . I know Ilove this site. If Debbie had not lost her son to this thing called murder we would not have this site to go to. Think about it and pray about it.Debbie does not know I am writing about this. Let's PLEASE HELP DEBBIE WITH THE UP KEEP OF THIS SITE, Thank's mom's. Bobbie Billy Lee's mom

Re: Greatest

Dear Bobbie I read your message and I'm wondering is something going on that we don't know about with the site? Is it in danger of being taken away? I agree that this site is such a blessing and has helped me in so many ways.Let me know if there is something I can do if that is the case.Good to hear from you.Love and God Bless

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Count me in what ever I can do to help.
Jimmy's Mom

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No Mom's not that I know of .I just thought we might help Debbie with the up keep with everything going so high. ,FOR I KNOW IT AS BEEN A BLESSING TO ME ,AND SO MANY OF YOU HAVE SAID THE SAME THING. I SO THANK DEBBIE FOR THIS SITE. Take care . Bobbie Billy Lee's mom

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i feel the same way i would be lost with out this site my love to all of you moms mom standing strong hugs joann hubert mom.