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just checking in

hi moms. i just thought id better check in so you know im ok...yes, im ok...ive been very busy trying to get my life back on the right track. i dont have a job yet, but i havent given up hope. if i dont do something fast im gonna be homeless. i dont have a computer anymore. im at the library. i come down here every few days to put in applications and check my email. i dont have any transportation so im learning the bus schedule..lol..almost 50 years old and ive never riden a public transportation bus til now...lol...anyway.. i love and miss all of you moms. and ill keep checking in from time to time. at least til i can get back on my feet and get me a computer, lol... then you'll never get rid of me...lol...love you all and miss you lots.

Re: just checking in

Hey Julie
Thanks for checking in we all miss ya, you hang in there.
Love ya
Jimmy's mom

Re: just checking in

Hi Julie
glad to hear from you and doing the best you can, I sure do understand that.

Easter was just one big sad holiday. I cried all day Sunday and went to the grave and cried there too. I was alone most of the day the boys went out so it was even worse. Life has been very hard and stressful for me too. I put myself in a deep hole financially and have no clue how to get the hell out of it. I'm worried and stressed. My oldest son is falling apart and my poor middle guy, well he is just stuck.

I hope things turn up better for you soon too. We just gotta survive somehow.

Take care
Timmy's mom