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I need Moms to talk to

With Easter tomorrow and Keara's angel day coming on Mon. I am feeling really down. I am planning if my back will allow it to go into chat tonight. I hope some of u will be there.

Re: I need Moms to talk to

Hi darien, as you can see by the X where Chris should be, after 4 computer library books, I had to go back and get the one for seniors...still no picture.
I'm even more behind about'chat rooms'

I'm sorry you have to deal with another holiday without your Keara and to have her angelversary the next day....I'm sorry for your pain. You and Keara are in my heart.

The Sadness Deep Inside

There's a sadness deep inside
It's not something you can see
It's there with all happiness
They think see in me

A never-ending flow of tears
A heart that never heals
That's the sadness deep inside
The one they never see

It's there with all the 'life'
They think they see outside
The sadness deep inside
A hurt that never heals
That's the sadness deep inside
The one they never see

That is what is left for me
Just that sadness deep inside
And the pain felt forever by me

I think this one is for you Darien...it just came out. Love to you

Re: I need Moms to talk to

Thanks Lois that poem definitely describes me. I too am computer illiterate and here after I invited Moms into chat my back was hurting too much for me to even go. Today is Easter and I have been invited to my sister's house. Right now I am still in my Pj's with not much energy so we will see. Yesterday I was looking at the slideshow on Keara's website and just crying my eyes out. I miss her so much.