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I am reading a book called Hello From Heaven, in the book they talk about ADCs After Death Communications. Pretty interesting from some of the experiences I have read that other people have had I know that the night I opened Jimmy's car door and leaned in and felt a wave of warmth come over me it was Jim and I know he wanted me to know how much he appreciated the way I take care of his car. Also the day I came home from court and in my mind Jimmy told me "Don't worry mom he will get 2nd degree murder". I am not the only person things like this have happened to. I do believe our children are OK I don't believe they were ready to go or like people tell me Jimmy's in a better place, but I do believe he is OK and he will be waiting for me.
Love and Hugs
Jim's Mom

Re: ADCs

Hi Shirley, Speaking of Hello From Heaven...
I seem to find the shower a comforting place to think, I feel close to Chris there of all places as he was kind of clean freak...it was a family joke, he loved his showers...to wake up and to go sleep.

Anyway, I was thinking about these moments when I've thought I felt what felt like a finger running through my hair or I've felt an invisible neck rub.

So I'm out of the shower and see your note."Hello..

I've also heard Chris clearly tell me what he thinks about something that is happening in the present moment. In my mind of course but it seems just like he would react so maybe I'm not just wishing it so.

I also don't believe my boy was ready to go, even though I'm comforted he IS NOT suffering the daily pain he had to learn to manage with his stomach and his eye injury that had changed his life completely. It was a surreal time he said to me....I love you Chris....

A better place? With so much hate and evil in our world I can only say what Chris said to me when we talked about if there was a heaven or something better after this life here on this planet of chaos..."I hope so Mama"...I still see and hear him saying that...it seemed so heartfelt...I know he'll be waitng for me too. I think it's what I will always be ready for but until then I have my Aly and her Ezra, my so smart grandson I'm thinking I'm going to just say he's older...it's tough being cute and smart at 21months, I'm sure he could pass for two. He is such a little Light of Love that guy...like God made him special...poor little guy had just gotten here...it's a mission to keep him happy and loved. That our little Ezra is such a happy little guy. He knows he's loved...that we could do that in the midst of this shows me I can believe both Chris and God are close to us.

God has a reason for everything...I don't think God did this, I think there was an evil in that monster that God did not put there...evil is evil...his killer was making the choices Dec.11,2008. I think God tries to help us now so we have to appreciate our gifts when we can.

I guess you guys may be able to tell I live alone by how long I can go....Thanks for being here

Re: ADCs


I understand the thing with the shower I do the same taking a bath, my Jim had a thing about being clean too. A bath every morning and a shower the minute he walked in the door after work. When he got his own place I would laugh and say no one would ever guess this place is a bachelors pad its to clean.
Jim's Mom