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Kaylin's letters

Dear Kim
Can you give us a heads up on how the DA felt about the letters we sent in? Could you use more hand written letters instead of the email ones? Should our addresses be on them and if there was a particular one that he thought was good maybe we can send another one using that one as a guide.I know this is important to the sentencing and now that we have more time maybe there was something we missed that could be corrected.Always in my thoughts and prayers Love and God Bless

Re: Kaylin's letters

Ones with original signatures will be good now since we have more time. The DA said that the Judge may not be able to read them all but that we can present them all as part of our packet. The defense knows now that we have been requesting letters so I am sure they will be getting them too. We need everyone who hasn't sent one already to please send one. It will help the Judge to know how many people are asking for the maximum sentence. Maximum is still not long enough. :(

Re: Kaylin's letters

Has a new sentencing date been set? Don't be surprised if the defense comes up with another reason to delay it again, it happened to us took four months before the POS was sentenced.
Love Ya
Jim's Mom