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A Call for help please Deadline Feb 28

The boy who killed Kaylin pled guilty to Involuntary Manslaughter. On March 4 we go back to court for sentencing. We are asking for letters to the Judge requesting the maximum sentence allowed by law. Due to the short amount of time we are asking that they be emailed to us to kdrose143@mac.com. If you will write one please address it to The Honorable Judge James Dabney. We are requesting that he serve the maximum sentence with no credit for time served. We ahve to take them to the DA March 1 so we need to have them by Feb 28. Thank you all so much.

Re: A Call for help please Deadline Feb 28

We MOMS have to stick together please if you haven't written a letter for Kim it only takes a few minutes and these letters can make a difference. I wrote mine just kept it short and to the point. This POS needs to be sentenced to the max especially since the max is a lousy 4 years. I also asked that he not be granted time served.
Thanks Moms
Love and Hugs
Jimmy's Mom

Re: A Call for help please Deadline Feb 28

Thanks Shirley. I appreciate it. Letters just asking that he serve the maximum with no credit for time served are appreciated. Time is short so I am begging for them. Thanks Ladies.

Re: A Call for help please Deadline Feb 28

The defense asked for a continuance so we go back April 16. We can take letters up through April 15. Ladies, the defense now know we have been requesting letters for max sentence and I am sure they will be on a mission to get letters for a min sentence. If you can help us get more letters to present to the Judge we would be grateful. I hate to beg, but for Kaylin I will. We just need people who are tired of the criminal getting all the rights to write requesting the maximum sentence. Thank you all and love ya.