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Angel Calendars

I just wanted to let any moms who are interested know there are still Angel calendars available. They come in 2 different variations. The second one has more Angels that were added to it. They can be viewed at the following links in case anyone is interested.



Once again the cost would be $11 (which includes shipping) for one and $20 for two. It was a great deal as they normally sell for as high as $20 without any of the discounts I used. However my calendar at the present time cost me $200 due to the lack of responses once the calendars were purchased.


Re: Angel Calendars

I am thinking you should Post this on Face Book seems lots of moms have a FB page.
Love ya and I love my calendar.

Re: Angel Calendars

Laura, I hope that the Moms who got calendars from you and have not paid will do so. I agree with Shirley that maybe you could try posting on FB too. I hope this situation has not discouraged you from doing the calendars again. Maybe you could have people pay when they order and it would avoid this problem in the future. Love ya. Darien

Re: Angel Calendars

Laura did I paypal you for mine? I think I did but I cannot remember what I did 10 minutes ago lately. IF I did not then please email me and let me know. I never want to leave one of the MOMS who do something so nice in a lurch if I said I would order something. That goes for any mom. If I ever order something and you don't get my check or paypal please tell me. It will never be because I didn't want to pay but most likely that I just had a memory lapse. Gee Laura, now you have me worried that I may have forgot to pay someone. ;) Shirley do I owe you anything?

It is a good idea to post it on fb. Seems a lot of us are on there. I love mine too btw.

Re: Angel Calendars

Hi Ladies,
Thank you for replying I was hopeful some of those that wanted them orginally might get back to me so
I could find homes for these lonely calendars :( Kim
of course you paid me and it doesn't take much to get
you spinnin' which is fine with me as long as you don't start that singing! As far as FB when it comes to the moms using such a big silly network of nonense well we might as well be lost in the whole POMC thing! It frustrates me when we you post on FB and you get run over by a herd of cattle, sheep or drowned by fishville or whatever the hell it is! It is an ok place to lighten up but as far as any serious matters on FB it just doesn't seem to be the place. Luv ya...Laura & AV

Re: Angel Calendars

You owe me a Million dollars so pay up :).
Just kidding ya know you have always paid me for the shirts.
Love ya
Jim's Mom

Re: Angel Calendars

Laura just for that I am going to be practicing so I can call and sing to you. Any requests? :) LOL I don't play the games on fb, but I know what you mean. I followed Nanci's lead and made a memorial group page though.

Shirley, if you said $20-$40 you would have got me. LOL

I so appreciate it when a MOM includes my baby and offers something that has her on it. Heck yesterday felt like two days to me. I hope that my memomory starts getting better soon.