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Chat Room

Our chat room has been very quite lately, I miss chatting with you all.
I have been in kind of a bad place waiting on this response to the appeal, now I see on the Appellate court web page that the response still hasn't been filed and there has been no extension so I just don't know what is going on. I e mailed the advocate but haven't gotten a response there either. If this idiot gets a new trial because the Attorney Generals office has dropped the ball I will be one mad mom.
Hugs to you all
Big Jim's Mom

Re: Chat Room

I don't come on to chat much cause of the time I'm always so tired, maybe I'll try now and see if your on. The system takes forever to do anything at all, slow as snails I'm hoping that that's what the problem is and nothing bad will come out of it just our slow justice system.

Re: Chat Room

I know I am guilty of not coming into the chat room much at all lately. I am working an extra night a week and my back is usually really sore by the end of the day so I just get in bed. I do miss talking to you ladies though. Maybe I will come in tonight. I am sorry you are having to wait for info about the appeal. Nothing goes smoothly unfortunately. I hope you hear something soon so you can rest a little easier. Love ya. Darien