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checking in

Just wondering if everyone is ok...I get about a minute everyday to check in, and I haven't seen any new posts for a couple of days. I hope everyone is well. It's still snowing here. Cant seem to get a break. Everytime we think it's gone, it starts again. other than that all is well. I'm missin you all..I'll try to get into chat tonight if anyone is there..Love and hugs to all of you.

Re: checking in

Hi Julie, I am doing OK. Definitely ready for winter to be over. I noticed that nobody has been posting lately also. I have not been in chat much lately. Been having back problems and working in the evenings. I have to work tonight but I might try to come in tonite if my back will allow it. I miss u Julie. Love ya.

Re: checking in

Hi Julie and Darien, same here. It's like life is at a standstill. Just more pain and sadness each day. I haven't been in chat either, with my back too and sometimes it's late and I'm just so tired all the time. We've been getting slammed with the snow too, expecting 18 inches again tonight into tomorrow, doubt I'll make work if it's that bad, supposed to be like "blizzard" conditons tomorrow all day! Hate the winter, hate the cold, hate the snow!

It is good hearing from you and I wish to everyone is doing well. I always keep you moms in my prayers.


Re: checking in

I have not had a computer in quite some time. It was overtaken by viruses and I couldn't even get it to come on. I just seem to be falling into a deeper depression every day. I don't care if I'm here or not. I'm lashing out at everyone and I don't really care if they get mad at me. I just don't care period! My life sucks so much I can't bear being here. What is the point, seriously? So more pain can be heaped upon me? I can't take any more.
Supposedly the 11th of Feb. the murderer goes before the judge. He has three options. He will either take a plea agreement which no one seems to know what it might be, or has a chat with the judge or they say they are ready for trial. I can't be there, so who knows how long it will take before they let me know what is going on. And this is not for killing my son. It's for the other two people that he put the gun to their heads when they were trying to help my son.
My family tells me to pray and read my bible. Yeah, right. God hasn't listened to me in almost a year much less bothered to talk back to me so why bother?????? I am losing it........

Re: checking in

Hey Julie
No snow here, we had 55 degrees yesterday I was able to get Jim's car cleaned up some what (It needs more) and I worked in his garden for awhile. I am just having a hard time again waiting on the response to the POSs appeal I hate this hurry up and wait. One good thing is that SOB is also waiting and not in the comfort of his home Ha,Ha. I don't even know why I am in such a hurry for the response cause it can take up to a year for the appeals court to make a decision after that.
Love ya
Jim's mom