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looking for Samuel Rodriguez MUM

I found a blog the other night of Samuel Rodriguez mum telling her story about her son murder .

I could not log into the site , because I had forgotten my pass word, then it was getting late into the early morning hours . I thought I would sort it out the next day . I can not even find the link in my History bar as I am using Mozilla FireFox .

Samuel mother did have this link to this site. I have lost the link to her blog . I really just wanted to ask Samuel mum something about Samuel grave stone, its really amazing I have never seen on made like that with the inmage of the family on it. would like to know, how I can get one made . who to ask .
I am in London . Samuel mum is in USA .

I am wonder if anyone knows of the blog or Samuel mum ?

I was interested in her blog as my son was also murdered, in July 2009 .So I was Just reading Samuel mum blog to see how she coping, looking at the photo Samuel mum posted of Samuel his family also his grave stone .

Please If anyone know of Samuel mother or if your reading this, can you please leave me a link to you Blog or I can you something

Re: looking for Samuel Rodriguez MUM

Dear Margaret
I searched the message board and I think it is on page 4 I copied and pasted the blog for you.It is beautiful isn't it? The picture of the headstone is on there too.Love and God Bless http://mami-dearest.blogspot.com/

Re: looking for Samuel Rodriguez MUM

Oh bless you thank you so much for looking for it, it surly is beautiful .It such an inspirational different kind of head stone .

someone from another site help me find the link that sale them in USA . Hopefully I can get it ship over to England . I am waiting for an Email from them .

Thanks again for for link, much love coming your way from me xxx

Re: looking for Samuel Rodriguez MUM

Hello Mags
I am glad you found us the other night in chat and hope chatting with us helped you a bit. Next time you are up at 2:30 AM remember the chat room hopefully someone will be there for you.
Love and Hugs
Jim's Mom

Re: looking for Samuel Rodriguez MUM

Hi Margaret,

I got your comment on my blog, so I see you found it. I am so sorry for the loss of your son. It's so sad to see new MOMS here, but you have come to the best place for you. All of us here understand what you are going through. It's a sisterhood we wish we were part of, but glad we have it.

I hope the place you found for the headstone will be able to ship to London for you. I was very happy with the way Samuel's came out even though I hate going to the cemetary. His headstone puts a face to the name. It shows that he was here and he was loved.

I look forward to getting to know you and your son. Please don't be a stranger here.


Re: looking for Samuel Rodriguez MUM

It was lovely finding the Chat room the other night . I had 2 days off work. Seem when I am off work I just can't sleep :)

It great finding isaida, bless you all of you in the chat for giving me so much support even thought your going through your own grief.

This is really a lovely site xxx