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Sibling forum

The group Friends Don't Let Friends Die that I also belong to has started a forum for siblings who have lost a sibling to murder. If your child would like to go to it it is at www.friendsdontletfriendsdie.com. It is run by siblings and it is new so it will be open to suggestions. It is a place our kids can go and share or talk or read what others who have lost a sibling are feeling too so they know they are not alone.

Re: Sibling forum

Dear Kim
Thanks for posting that.I wish my kids would talk to someome who has been in their shoes,but they don't express their feelings about Nicky's death,they just like to talk about the good times with Nicky.Everyone deals with things their own way.They can't go to the cemetary,because it reminds them that he is dead.This used to hurt me,but they are dealing with his death better than me,so who am I to say.I am going to tell them about this site in hopes that if there is something they want to share they will feel comfortable,like I do on here.They never go on Nicky's last-memory site,so I think that is a sign that they won't go there either.Oh I just wish I had some feed back from them.I guess when the trial starts their feelings will come out about his death and how he was murdered.I don't want them walking around in constant pain like me,because they have to live longer than me and I am glad I am at the end of my life verses the beginning.How are everyone else's siblings doing? Thanks again Kim

Re: Sibling forum

Barb you took all the words that I would have written out of my mouth.

My sons don't go to the gravesite either. They only talk about the good times too, I guess it's too hard to talk about the bad stuff. My oldest sometimes does because of what he went thru, his friend died to and he also id'd his brother laying there on the pavement. So he has images in his head that will never go away or no one could understand.

I wish they would go and talk too. I will post this by my computer, maybe, just maybe they might check it out. I want them to get help so bad, they so desperately need it. I see all our lives just falling to pieces, as I've said before the POS's not only took my Timmy away from me, but destroyed me and pretty much took my other boys lives as well. Nothing ever will be the same. They seem so lost and in utter despair and I can't do anthing to change it or make it better no matter what I do.

Re: Sibling forum

It seems like a pretty common thing from siblings. I wonder though, if they have a place that is all their own if they will express things? I know I say things here that I don't to my son or husband. I know that I ahve heard they don't want to hurt us more so they don't talk about it even if we tell them they can. At the very least maybe they will read it and that might help. I hope it does.