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Hello MOMS, PLEASE READ........

Hello MOMS,
1st I want to THANK Shirley, Jims mom for posting that we NEED letters to the parole board to keep the SOB behind bars where he belongs. I want to THANK EVERYONE that has sent a letter, but PLEASE keep them coming. Our voices must be heard, crime and killing are everyday....and nothing is beig done to stop it. I have put all my time and engery into court and now parole, is it ever gonna slow down?
I also have a petition to keep Rodney Williams in prison that I wrote up last night, to gather signatures from all around the world, so our voices will be heard and crime effects all of us. A parnet to bury their child is the WORST nightmare that anyone has to do.IT HAS GOT TO STOP!

I just feel like I am over tired and stressed to the limits, I have felt like I am worthless and couldn't help myself with all the grief, kinda like the wave has sucked me in and I can't swim out.

I am always sadded to come here and see new MOMS, on this long..... hard, devasting road. but I am glad that they found MOMS that know how they feel and are "always" here. This group of "WONDERFUL MOMS" has "ALWAYS" picked me up when I fall. They throw me a lifeline when I can't save myself any longer. I am so sorry that you have to be here. but, you have come to the right place.

If anyone needs infomation on writing a letter or just want to talk or whatever the reason may be, feel free to e-mail at sweet_pea37101@yahoo.com

I "ALWAYS" think about you ladies and our Sweet angels "EVERYDAY". Sending you ALL Hugs and Prayers and sending our Sweet Angels Hugs and Kisses. I am so sorry that I haven't been up to lighting candles for our babies lately, but I will try to get better. If my world will just stop spinning so fast that I could catch my breath.

LOVE YAS.....Pat-Rickys Mom

Re: Hello MOMS, PLEASE READ........

I am putting mine together to email you. Can I pass on to my fdlfd group? They will write letters too. Have you contacted POMC? They have a parole blocker program and will send letters too.