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Court tomorrow

We have a court date tomorrow. I think tomorrow I am going to go down to the DA office and not leave until they assign us an advocate. It is about time we start demanding our rights. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers please. Supposed to be another pre trial from what we understand.

Re: Court tomorrow

I will be thinking of you and kaylin will be right by your side. Great idea you should have an advocate to help you through this trial. Let us know what happens tomorrow.
Love Ya
Jim's Mom

Re: Court tomorrow

I will be thinking of you and your Angel tomorrow.

Re: Court tomorrow

Dear Kim
I don't understand the whole advocate thing as to why you weren't assigned one from the beginning.Someone should be there tomorrow in the courtroom representing you,speaking to you,assuring you they are there for you.Mine was informational but Bette's actually interuppted the proceedings when the other side got out of hand.I had no outbursts from the other side but we're not allowed to speak out in court, they are.Don't make us send Bette to your DA'S office,she will have her finger so far in their face,she will leave an imprint.LOL My thoughts and prayers are with you,but you're angel Kaylin is right beside you girl.Stay strong.Love and God Bless

Re: Court tomorrow

LOL thanks for making me laugh Barb! I needed that one.

I'm trying to get a hold of my DA also or advocate cause of some stupid rumors I've been hearing again.

How did the court thing go??

Please update us!!!

Love you moms

Re: Court tomorrow

We go back January 28. Today was same dance different tune. They are trying to get into evidence some excerpts from her diary trying to say she was suicidal. She was a mad teenage girl who vented, but they are going to try that one again. They are going to try to bring into evidence that she tried to kill herself the year before. Not what happened but the DA knows that already. They are grasping at straws. So we go the 28th for them to present that. Hopefully we will get a trial date after that. The Judge told him he should consider the plea. We don't want him to plea so I am glad he is sticking to his guns on turning it down.

Re: Court tomorrow

They'll do anything won't they?? To save their own skins, making our babies look bad like they deserved it. What difference does it make what she wrote in her diary or what happened a year ago???? this man took a life, that is what is all about isn't it? I'm so sick of hearing this kind of stuff. What is wrong with people!!!!

sorry but it makes me mad and knowing this is the stuff I'll be going thru, Kim hang in there, be strong, don't let them get you keep fighting girl!!!!

Love ya

Re: Court tomorrow

Dear Kim
I don't know about what was written in Kaylin's diary but what one of us hasn't even briefly thought about ending it all at one time in our lives? Is it written also that she wanted to die in a ravine? This thnking is so stupid I don't know why the judge allowed this to even be considered.I don't get why they are trying to turn the tables on this,yes grasping at straws.I'm really worried about what tricks the defense lawyers have up their sleeves regarding Nicky's death.Guess I'll find out when his trial starts June 7th.I might have to go with duck tape on my mouth.Love ya girl I'll be praying for you Jan 28th.Love and God Bless

Re: Court tomorrow

They are snakes defending snakes. I don't think she wrote that she wished a boy would become obsessed with her and then let her die and throw her in a ravine and leave her to die. I also think if this is what they are trying to use to say she deserved to die, well if that is there thinking they should take a look in the mirror.

Re: Court tomorrow

It's been a long time since I've posted anything. Don't let the defense counsel and their little games get the best of you. It's awful what we go through and then we're traumatized all over again by the system. I went through hell before we finally got to court in February 2009. What Kaylin wrote in her diary has nothing to do with the fact that he killed your baby. You have to stay focused (and I know it's very, very hard) on getting that piece of crap convicted and put away for the rest of his life. Let me know if I can be of any help to you. If I can get through the process, I know you can. Keep the faith. I will be praying for you and your family.


I was just advised today (1 week before trial for 1st degree murder of my son was to take palce) that the Crowne and the police have made a deal and agreed to the murderer pleading guilty to manslaughter. I was also advised I have no say in the matter. I am so distraught and justfound this site, have no one to talk to about this.


Wow, there is nothing like being blindsided. I really don't know what to say. My son Jeremy was murdered April 25, 2009. The man was charged with first degree murder. I had to wait four months while that jerk walked free before the grand jury met. After a week, they decided to no bill the charge. He got off scott free!!! I can't get anyone to help me either. I am so sorry you are going through this.


There is a lady who lives in CA who had her daughter's case taken to the Supreme Court when a Judge dismissed charges and she got them reinstated.

Lola they keep trying to get this snake to take a plea too. Thankfully he won't. All they care about is clearing their cases. Not about true justice for the victim. We have a sad system. I'll see if I can get hold of Deb and find out what she did and maybe it might work for ya'll. too. Maybe not but it couldn't hurt to find out.