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Please read and write a letter

To all moms

One of the men involved in Ricky McCorkle's Murder is up for parole.
Name Rodney Williams
Rodney Williams Planned the Robbery and stole Ricky's wallet, he was there when Ricky was murdered and is just as guilty as the shooter he did nothing to stop Ricky from being murdered.
He took a plea bargain and was sentenced to 15 years
he has been in prison since 8/8/06 and is up for parole ALREADY!!!
You can e mail your letters to Pat Ricky's mom, if you don't have her e mail address let me know and I will send it to you.
We moms need to stick together and have our voices heard these letters will be one way of letting our voices be heard. Thanks to you all.
Love and Hugs
Big Jim's Mom

Re: Please read and write a letter

Will get to work on this tonight. You are right. We have to stick together. I can't believe he is up for parole already. Pat knows to contact pomc as welldoesn't she?

Re: Please read and write a letter

I don't know you might want to let her know when you send your letter to her.
Love ya
Jim's Mom

Re: Please read and write a letter

Thanks Shirley, Pat sent me an email and I just sent a letter off.I beg all of the MOMS to do the same,this could be us one day.Love and God Bless