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call for help

There is a family in the county I live in facing the parole of a murderer and need help with writting a letter against the parole. If anyone has suggestions or has already written a letter will you help me out with this. You can e mail me or just post here.
Thanks Moms
Jim's Mom

Re: call for help

Go to www.pomc.com and they have something that helps to stop parole. If you can give us just enough info to write a letter I will write one too. I would contact pomc, and I can ask the fdlfd group to write letters too. Email me the info about the case and I will mail my letter to you unless you have an address we should send it to.

Re: call for help

Hi Kim
I did give Amanda (my advocate) that info, she can't give me a name so I really don't even know who this is but I sent the address of this site to Amanda so she can pass it on.
Thanks if they ask for letters I will let you know.
Love and Hugs
Big Jim's Mom

Re: call for help

Ok. If she contacts us I will let FDLFD know as well. They write lots of letters. I hope pomc can help get parole stopped.

Re: call for help

I am not sure but I think this is what the e mail from my advocate was about the girl didn't die but is now in a rest home.

Parole hearing coming up forUkiah Daily Journal Staff
Updated: 01/01/2010 12:00:12 AM PST

Gregory Patrick Beck
The Daily Journal

The man who set his girlfriend on fire is up for parole again in March.

A parole hearing for Gregory Patrick Beck is set on March 24 at the state prison in Corcoran. Mendocino County District Attorney Meredith Lintott is urging county residents to write letters expressing their views on Beck's possible release. Letters are due March 12.

A jury convicted Beck in 2002 of felony charges of torture, assault with caustic chemicals and corporal injury to a cohabitant.

Beck's girlfriend, Sherry Carlton, then 32, left him after 12 years of tumultuous relationship an came back to the home she shared with Beck on Aug. 21, 2001 to get some of her belongings while he was gone. Beck came home and poured lighter fluid on her and then lit her on fire, according to a Wednesday press release from Lintott's office.

Carlton ran from the yard and into the street yelling for help, where a neighbor saw her. The neighbor testified Beck did nothing to help the victim, according to the release, but went about "staging" the scene to look like a barbecue accident.

Beck was sentenced in 2002 to seven years to life.

Carlton remains suffered severe and permanent damage. She remains under complete care in a convalescent hospital, where she cannot speak, walk or care for herself, according to the release.

Lintott announced she intends to attend Beck's hearing to argue against his release. The state Board of Prison Terms must consider the



opinion and sentiment of the community before paroling any dangerous and violent felon.
Beck was denied parole at an Aug. 2007 hearing. In 2004, the California First District Appeals Court upheld the conviction after Beck appealed the verdict and sentence on the grounds of incompetent legal defense.

To send a letter:

Mail letters to the attention of Mendocino County District Attorney Meredith Lintott at P.O. Box 1000, Ukiah, CA 95482, or fax to 463-4687. Letters are due by March 12.

Big Jim's Mom

Re: call for help

Dear Shirley Do you know if there is an email address to send letters to? It is much easier for me to send an email to the county DA.If not that is okay just thought you might know.Love and God Bless

Re: call for help

Yes there is an e mail address for our DA I will look it up and send it to you.
Love ya
Jim's Mom

Re: call for help

on befalf of Sherry( i'm a friend)and her family,THANK YOU all for your support.This monster took my friends' life from her and now he wants out.Please,help us keep this monster from hurting anyone else.

Re: call for help

Shirley, I will also write a letter. Let us know what the email address is, otherwise I will mail. Love ya, Darien