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Address and phone update

Since we are sadly getting new moms we need to update the phone and address list. If anyone would like to be added, please email me your info. Do not put it on the message board because we do not know who may see it. Click the mail =box and then email me the following:
Your name, address, phone #, angels name, angels birthday, angels angel day, any memorial site and your birthday (just month and date.:);) ) I'll collect info until after the first of the year and send an updated list to the people on it. You don't have to share any info you do not wish to. If you have new info email me that too. :)

Re: Address and phone update

Dear Kim
You are so thoughtful,Thanks from all of us.Love and God Bless

Re: Address and phone update

I have only heard from one person to be added to the list. If anyone else want to be added let me know by Tuesday and I will send out a revised list on Thursday of next week. If your info has changed let me know as well. I don't want to miss anyone.

Re: Address and phone update

This is a great idea. Thanks so much for offering to do this for us.

Re: Address and phone update

You are welcome. It is just another way to keep our MOMS close. :) Will email the updated list to all who signed up Thursday. Donna got your email tonight. :) Thanks.

Re: Address and phone update

Hi Kim,

I would like to be included in the list also. I have been away for the holidays and playing catch up. I will send you the information now, please add me.

Thanks so much!


Re: Address and phone update

Sorry for the delay. My Grandma passed away last week. I am swamped at work this week so you get an extension until Tuesday. I will email the list to all who are on it then. I apologize for the delay.