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Quarters from heaven?

Ok I have heard of pennies from heaven, but I am finding quarters every where lately. For weeks now. At first I didn't think much about it but now it is just to the point of being strange. I was cleaning a few weeks ago and I found three quarters under the table. Could have fallen out of my purse right? Well I picked them up and cleaned the kitchen but when I went back in there, a quarter was in front of the trash can. I was walking down the hall a few times and then on one trip there was a quarter. Quarters in the living room, office, bedroom, and even in the closet. I found quarters in the floor when I was cleaning the boys room. Since I am slow I was thinking it weird but not making the connection. Then in my cubical there is a quarter in the floor. I mentioned that I had been finding a lot of quarters lately, and my co worker said Kaylin must be sending them for you instead of pennies. It took that for me to finally realize she was right. When I had to go to the laundry all the time I was always hunting quarters. Plus Kaylin liked to be different so if other angels are doing pennies, she is going to do something different. So maybe I am nuts, (no comment Shirley, Laura) but I think my quarters are coming from my angel. I am going to keep seeing where they turn up.

Re: Quarters from heaven?

OK Kim no you are not nuts I find dimes found a $100 dollar bill one day out in front of my house but seems Jimmy is getting cheap on me and leaving dimes now. Especially when I wash the car I found three dimes on the ground when I was drying off the wheels. I think he is saying thanks mom for keeping the car so nice.
Love and Hugs
Jim's Mom

Re: Quarters from heaven?

Dear Kim
I don't know maybe there is a connection between the socks you used to find and the quarters.Are you caught up on your wash Kim? LOL

Shirley I think Jimmy is leaving dimes because he wants to make sure that you go low to the ground and get those tires dried.Paper money can always blow away.LOL

Re: Quarters from heaven?

We did get an Eeyore sock the day before Thanksgiving. It is tucked safely in its drawer. If it shows up I will KNOW she is at work. :)