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Jimmy's Angelversary

Today is Jimmy's angelversary date.I wish Shirley only happy memories of her sweet Jimmy.While memories are all we have left,they can be bittersweet.As a wise person once told me "Don't cry because I am gone,Smile because I was there.This sooo reminds me of your Jimmy Shirley, as I am sure his presence created alot of smiles.I like to think of our children as doing their own thing,just in a different realm now.And the thought of them all being together,well that too brings a smile to my face.I know they are in great company.RIP doesn't seem to fit your Jimmy as I'm sure he's not resting at all.LOL
Many,Many hugs to you sweet Shirley.Love and God Bless

Re: Jimmy's Angelversary

Shirley, Today on Jimmy's angel day I think of both of you with much love. I know this is a very hard day for you Shirley so I hope that you will do whatever is best for you. I don't know how but somehow or other we get through these days. I love you Shirley and wish I could be there with you today. Just know that my thoughts are with you and I am here for you.

Re: Jimmy's Angelversary

Thinking of your angel on his angelversary. Shirley watch for signs from him today. Love you and you are in my thoughts.

Re: Jimmy's Angelversary

Thinking of you today Shirley and Jimmy today and everyday as we journey down this lonely road. Know we are together and we are always here for you. Every day we live is hard but these days seem sometimes unbearable but we can make it through them knowing that others care and are here for each other. We will always remember Jimmy and he will not only live in your hearts but our hearts forever as well.

Re: Jimmy's Angelversary

I have the most wonderful group of friends and family in the world. I would have to say that I truly have been blessed because not everyone has the comfort and support that you have all given me. I just hope that I have or will help all of you through your pain in some way like you have all helped me. It truly does mean so much to see all the candles and all the condolences on Jimmy's memorial pages.
I love you all
thank you so much

Re: Jimmy's Angelversary

Shirley, Thinking of u on Jimmy's angel day. Love ya my friend.

Re: Jimmy's Angelversary

Always in my thoughts and prayers honey, hope you are doing ok. I know how hard these days are, especially around the holidays.

With all my love