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Calling me at work

I just had a strange phone call at work. A man called asking if I was Kim,then asked if I was Kaylin's mom, then asked if she was the one found dead last year. When I said yes he hung up on me. I have my suspicions who it is but it caught me off guard. Not sure what to make of it, but sure it is coming from someone to do with Him.

Re: Calling me at work

I wonder if you can report that, or ask your work to do a phone check, they can find out where all incoming calls are coming from, at least from the phone company. That would freak me out. Sorry keep us informed on this one. but I still think you should report it anyway.

Re: Calling me at work

Hey Kim
I agree with Bette 100% and the phone records can be tracked to see where the call came from. That is harassment and if you can prove it came from them you can get a restraining order to keep them from calling. Let us know what happens with this to bad you didn't think to press star 69 to see who answered.
Love and Hugs
Jimmy's Mom