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Happy Birthday Bette


Love ya
Big Jim's Mom

Re: Happy Birthday Bette

Hey Crazy Lady (from what I'm told) Hope you have a good a day as you can.

Luv ya

Re: Happy Birthday Bette

Hi Bette, I hope you have a Happy Birthday and that Timmy is with you today. Love ya.

Re: Happy Birthday Bette

Happy Birthday Bette! Hope you have a blessed day.


Re: Happy Birthday Bette

Awww thanks ladies, love you guys! Love the picture LOL at least it's one of the goods one of me LOL cause there sure aren't that many.

So far today has went well. I keep it in my head that you can't cry on your b/d or that makes you have a bad year. I think of Timmy all day and hold it and suck it back. I remmeber how he used to draw me cards or go to the dollar store and get me some kind of little thing. He was so sweet. So today I'm trying not to cry cause I've already had some bad years already. Last year I cried on my b/d all day as it was the day after my son's preliminary hearing. Or was it the day after, CSA, jeez, well I know last year was bad so I'm trying to keep up a good face even though when I get home things will feel sad again.

They had cake and got me a gift card at work, it was a very nice surprise. matt & joe are up to something too, but it's a secret so I guess I'll find out what that is when I get home. I got my gifts from my one sister I opened up 2 (she sent me 5 small gifts) one was a necklace with a crystal heart and the other was a candle (I love my candles) so I saved the rest for when I get home LOL I know I'm weird.

Yeah I am crazy Nanci, that's what they all say, my son Matt gave me that name and it stuck! It's either that or spaz, so I'm the crazy lady spaz mom!!! hehehe

Love yas

Re: Happy Birthday Bette

Happy Birthday Bette! Hope you had a good day my friend! LOL, Paula

Re: Happy Birthday Bette

Dear Bette Happy belated Birthday to you,Happy belated Birthday to you,Happy belated Birthday dear Bette,Happy Birthday to you.Hope you had fun opening up all those presents.Love and God Bless

Re: Happy Birthday Bette

Thank you everyone. Well my boys surprised me LOL last minute as men are, went to my neighbors and friends and threw me a surprise party LOL we had so much fun, home made cake, zitti's, pork sandwiches, spanish rice, a little of everything LOL Balloons everwhere, it was so nice they were so proud of themselves for pulling it off.

Re: Happy Birthday Bette

Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you. Glad you had a good birthday,you deserve it.

Re: Happy Birthday Bette

Happy Belated Birthday Bette.. Sending hugs and lotsa love to you on your special day