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A Merry Little Murder!!!!!!

sign at library in murder mystery section

During lunch today I headed to the library to pick up some books I had reserved. As I walked thru the door, I was stopped short by the sign above….Have yourself a Merry Little Murder???? I’m sure to someone who has never experienced the loss of a loved to murder, this sign would be cute with the reference to having a Merry Little Christmas, but it made me literary sick to my stomach. I just stood there for a minute dumbfounded. There wasn’t anything merry about Samuel’s murder or anyone’s murder for that matter.

I have to admit, I’ve read murder mysteries before, but I’m not sure I could now. I use to watch First 48, but don’t watch that anymore either. It hits too close to home. Having a loved one murdered changes your perspective. I’m thinking of sending an e-mail to the library. They may not do anything about it, but at least I have let them know how this seemingly innocent sign can affect someone who has to deal with murder every day. It's not merry at all!

Re: A Merry Little Murder!!!!!!

I would definitely e mail them and if they don't get rid of it I would march right in there and let them all know (loud and clear) just what the effect of something like this can do to a person who has lost a loved one to murder. I am sure not a lot of thought was put into this sign.
Love and Hugs

Re: A Merry Little Murder!!!!!!

I sent an e-mail to the director of the libraries and just received an e-mail back.

"Thank you so much for letting us know about the display at the Library. I am very sorry for your experience at the library today. I have contacted the Region Supervisor, and she will be at North Library tomorrow morning to address the display."

Re: A Merry Little Murder!!!!!!

Isaida, I hope they take the "display" down. It is really disgusting and I am so glad you got in touch with them about it.

Re: A Merry Little Murder!!!!!!

I am glad you said something. It is hard everyday but the holidays are tougher to get through without that slap in the face.

Re: A Merry Little Murder!!!!!!

A merry little murder huh???!!!! Wonder if they would word it that way if THEIR kid was murdered????? Hmmmmmm...

Good for you for speaking up!!!! Cheers.

The funny (not ha ha) thing is, I am in the library as I type this and they're glamorizing murder here too, but they're closing and making me leave. Not that they would change anything here for me...

Re: A Merry Little Murder!!!!!!

Now if we can just get it across to the public that murder is not entertaining and even though they aren't in our shoes at least they could try and show some what would it be? Common Sense, Compassion, Understanding???? Ya Think? Good for you Isaid to speak up and letting them know..Maybe they should try reading some of the books in the library like in the educational section...Luv n' Hugs...Laura & AV