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Happy Birthday Barb


Love and Hugs
Jim's Mom

Re: Happy Birthday Barb

Happy Birthday Barb. I hope you are able to have a nice day. I am glad to hear ur leg is going to stay. I love you.

Re: Happy Birthday Barb

Happy Birthday Barb, I too am glad to hear that your leg is doing better. I hope we get to hear from you more soon, listen to me, I'm like never around with how my life is falling apart! But hope you have a wonderful day!!!

Re: Happy Birthday Barb

Happy Birthday Sweetie...So glad to hear you're feeling better...I hope you have a great day..Love and hugs, Julie

Re: Happy Birthday Barb

Hey Girl, also glad to hear u are doing better and have as good of a day as u can, like Bette, I'm not here to often, but I think of you and all the MOMS and their angels daily.

Luv ya

Re: Happy Birthday Barb

Happy Birthday Barb! Hope you had a great time. Hugs, Randi

Re: Happy Birthday Barb

Happy Birthday Lady.....I know our Angels are watching over you...Luv ya...Laura & AV

Re: Happy Birthday Barb

Barb, I am always a day late and a dollar short. I do hope that your birthday was great and that your leg is better. Love you lady.

Re: Happy Birthday Barb

Dear MOM's
I love you all so much,it's hard to explain the comfort and support you have all shown to me.It has been rough with this illness,I don't get on here much as you can all see I just read this message today.
I try to save all my energy for lighting candles for all our babies.It doesn't leave me much time for anything else what with the Dr's appointments hospital stays and everything.It's hard to sit at the computer with the sciatic spasms.

Shirley you are a living doll and words can't express the thoughtfullness that lies deep within your heart and what it has meant to me.Mom's, Shirley sent me the most beautiful shirt with Nicky's photo and the words that have now become a frequent phrase in our household " Don't cry because I am gone,Smile because I was there." I know that you have that on Jimmy's page thanks for sharing it with my family.She also sent me a computer pad with Nicky's photo.I can't seem to get enough of Nicky's face these days.It was a beautiful gesture.Thanks for the pic and the message about my birthday.

Laura and A/V Thanks for the beautiful calender that greeted me when I got out of the hospital.Imagine my suprise when that was the first thing that was handed to me.What a great job you did.Our babies all together,just like I imagine them to be in their new life.You are both such caring ladies,never leaving anyone out.I wish you much success with Wheezie's Kove.I know you will do great there.

Kim I just got to view the video.Lady you are in fast forward with your new talent.The tears kept flowing.I wish I knew how to transfer music to Nicky's site,I love that song you picked! thank you for being so thoughtful.I absolutley loved it!!!! You talked about being late with my birthday,look how long it took me to respond to this message.LOL

To all the other MOMS
Thank you all for your well wishes and concern.I hope you know that you are all with me each and every day,whether I'm on here or not and your babies are embedded in my heart forever.

I wish peace and happiness to all of you this holiday season.It is so hard with our children gone,but gestures like the ones you have all shown me,help to get me through another day and make me smile knowing you all understand and care

For all of those MOM's going through difficult days,I understand your pain and am so sorry for what you's are also going through.So many new MOM's on here.So sad!!

Well guess I got a little long winded,that's what happens when you don't check in daily.LOL Love and God Bless to all of you

Re: Happy Birthday Barb

Happy Belated Birthday Barb! I hope that ur day went well. Here is our Angel's Christmas Tree.