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Her headstone is finally set.


Re: Her headstone is finally set.

Kim the headstone is beautiful. It makes me so sad that you have to have one. I can hardly go to Keara's grave cause I just cry every time and I do have her ashes at home with me.I am glad that you were able to finally get it done. Love ya.

Re: Her headstone is finally set.

The memorial stone is beautiful. I hope to be able someday to get one for Jim with his pics on it too. After seeing Kaylin's, Lisa's and Samuel's memorial stones I really want to do that for my Jimmy.
Love Ya
Jim's Mom

Re: Her headstone is finally set.

I too really like these memorial stones I wish I had known about them. I have a beautiful stone for Timmy but I like how the pictures are etched in the memorial stones, I have a ceramic one of Timmy on his.

Kim it is beautiful stone and I know how hard it is like a finality of things. It is beautiful though. Here is a copy of Timmy's. I had them replace the flowers with Shamrocks instead. I hope you don't mind my adding this to your post, I just never thought of sharing it.
Timmy's Headstone

PS - if you look at the headstone that's facing the camera (the back of it) look really close and you can see the image of Jesus! I swear it's Him! We all freaked out when that picture came thru, he is looking up to the heavens it's towards the left top of the back of the headstone that's behind Timmy's.

Re: Her headstone is finally set.

It's beautiful. I love the etched pictures and had them put on Jay's headstone. It is sad to be excited about getting a headstone for your child, but I remember waiting and waiting and excited when I heard it was up. Then you go to the cemetary and it hits you again. It is a beautiful memorial to your daughter and one of the few things we can do for our children now.

Re: Her headstone is finally set.

I know. I was so glad to have it put down for her. It made me so sad though. It is heartbreaking to know that you need a stone for your child.

Re: Her headstone is finally set.

Slackers we are....It is a beautiful memorial to Kaybear...not as beautiful as Kaylin however...Luv ya...Laura & AV