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I need help someone anyone please help!

Hello MOMS how have you all been I know it's been a long time. But I have been in and out of the hospitol as I know you all also feel the pain I do and know how hard it is to have someone take your child life , also take your life and turn it up side down. I wonted to ask has anyone else had ther child site turn off ? because they turn my son page off and this is killing me because I need the page it help me to go,light candles,see my son,family pictures, They take the money out of my Acct. they did me this 2 time now and I don't understand why? I paid them 2 times last mounth, they took the money this just the otherday but still took has page off,even after I emailed them showing that I paid $4.95 2 times last mounth,they took the payment 2time again this mounth. What is going on and has this happen to any other mom? What do I have to do or who do I need to call? I didn't see a phone number only were I can email them but noone has called me or put my Angel site back up my God I have had this site for over 2years and I can't even belive that they would take a page off for $4.95 how hartless and sham sham on MOMS .But I guess I should be glade I paid but look what they did cut the page off even after they took 4 payments. I feel sorry for any MOM that can't pay as I know times are hard but to just cut the page of for 4.95 that's sad,cold . But anyway can someone tell me what to do if they already took the money and still cute the page off as I couldn't sing my son's page last night and I was so so hurt by this and also like I said I need this page because it help's me,I am very upset. Sorry moms for all this but I know a lot of you understand.. Thanks,God bless you all! Terry Cedric's Mom

Re: I need help someone anyone please help!

Yeah I don't see any phone number either, I checked for you too. Just keep hounding them. I know when we were having the virus that after a bit someone finally got back to us to let us know, maybe if we dig deeper into the posts here we can find out who send that email and you can email them directly. Hope you get some positive result!!! If you used a credit card, you can dispute those charges and maybe that WILL WAKE THEM UP and do something !!!!!

Keeping you in my prayers.

Timmy's mom

PS only thing I could find was the guy's name Henry Chamberlain. I'll have to go back and check my email maybe I still have one that was sent to me on my aol, sorry I tried and hoped there would be an email address for someone at Memory-of.com site! will keep looking!

Re: I need help someone anyone please help!

Mrs.Bette Timmy's mom I thank you so much for checking on this for me,I send a big huge. I have emailed them so many times and still notthing I will just pay again so that it will just come back on. but I think what will happen is they will them start to take 3 payments a mounth. If I don't hear from the soon I will just pay again but I really don't have money to just give away. Money is short right now and I already paid. But Thank you so so much for your help,God bless you,your family R.I.P to your Angel,my Angel ! lots of love Terry Cedric's Mom

Re: I need help someone anyone please help!

I know this has happened to other moms but can't remember who. It seems their billing department needs to get their heads out of their back end. Wish I could be of more help.
Love and Hugs
Jim's Mom

Re: I need help someone anyone please help!

I sent an e mail too and asked why they would shut Cedric's page down when you had paid. Don't know if it will help but sure can't hurt. Maybe some of the other moms will send an e mail too if we bomb bard them it just might get them on the ball.
Love and Hugs
Big Jim's mom

Re: I need help someone anyone please help!

Hi I thank you for doing that send the email because I have been very sad without my son page,may be crazy to some but it help me to go on his page,I keep thinking of just paying again but I don't have the money to just give to them .They took 4 payments out,last moonth they sent me the same emails,I paid them again but then they found my payment and this time I don't understand what's going on because if they got 2 payments last time,they took 2 payments this time I should be paid ahead and not behind at all I have sent somany emails,all I kepp getting is emails saying we got your email and will contact you but still notthing and I feel if I pay again then they will then be taking 3 payments out. Now don't get me wrong if they have anymoms on here who needs the help they can take the other paymments and use them to help keep there Angel up for a mounth but to just take my son page off,they got the payments it hurts me I have been with MOMS for over 2years,always pay I have had so hard times in the past but they should check first to see if they got payments first,what makes me upset is they go on m,y Acct. and take the payments but then cut my baby off,they have phone numbers they shoud sometime give a call to the familys because some moms or hurt,down,lonly,I take somemany pills to help but we all know they don't really help but they should just check before taking the page off. I have sent they copys of the payments they took. Thank you so so very much,I send my love to you,your family and also I really thank you for making that Video for my Angel that was so really sweet and I love it so much.... R.I.P to our Son's