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My son

I am having a really hard time today. It's been six months today since I lost Jeremy. I am going through all the range of emotion that goes with it today. His son Caleb is being baptized at church tonight and I don't think it's a coincedence that it's happening today of all days. It just makes it that much sadder that his daddy can't be here for him. I am going crazy with everything running through my mind. The sad thing is that I don't think this torment will ever end.

Re: My son

Hi Alisa...thinking of you and Jeremy today. This doesn't get any easier. I sometimes wish Samuel had a baby, so I would have a little piece of him here, but that wouldn't have been fair to the baby. Cherish little Caleb and give him all the love you feel for Jeremy....

love always

Re: My son

alisa...i just want you to know that your son will be there to see his son baptised. he'll be smiling and braggin to his angel friends..you're very blessed to have a grandchild by your son...my jeremy was only 17...and he was murdered by his first love...be happy tonight...let your tears flow..know that your son will be by your side

Re: My son

Hi Alisa, I am sending you a great big hug,I really know how you feel,when my son JD Stallings was killed on July 28,2006 his little son graduated from Kindergarten in May 2007 & for the life of me I could not stop crying I cried thru the entire ceremony and it was so heartbreaking to me I couldn't snap a picture,luckily my husband & daughter to do the honors,you know we had a family reunion July 4th 2007 and my family did not understand why I was not there they called my cell phone all day leaving messages about how much fun I was missing,they never thought about the fact that all of them had all of their children there with them.I was so blessed to find this web site.

Re: My son

hi mom i am sending my best to you yes we all go thru this each dayhugs joann hubert mom.