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MOMS coming together


We had a MOM meeting yesteday! Shirley made a trip here to NC to visit Darien, and since I'm here in NC also, I decided to go meet up with them yesterday. I can't tell you how excited I was to finally meet some of the MOMS from the board, and give real hugs instead of hugs via the internet. I wish we all could get together. I am working on a post for my blog about the experience and will let you all know as soon as I finish it. Here is a pic I took until I get the post up.


Shirley, Me(isaida) and Darien

Re: MOMS coming together

That's totally great!! So glad you all got to meet up!

Last year I got to meet with Laura, AV and Barb!!! And I was so happy and excited to meet them it was great, wish I could have spent more time back then!!! We had lunch and hung out at my house for a little bit, it was an awsome visit! So I bet you guys had a nice time, and it is great to meet face to face isn't it???

One day maybe we can all have a big group meet up! That would be great wouldn't it???

Timmy's mom

Re: MOMS coming together

Lucky lucky! :)

Re: MOMS coming together

That is awesome great pictures and blog on Samuel...Can't wait to read the trip blog...Nice chatting with ya last night and look forward to the day when we can meet you...Laura & AV

Thanks for the help posting the picture however shutterfly somehow blocked the picture so we had to reroute thru facebook and then we got this giant picture lol...Anyway this is us with Nanci in Milwaukee at her restaurant...

Re: MOMS coming together

Hi Laura/AV

Isn't it wonderful getting together! The picture turned out great. I know I've said this before, but I wish we could all get together for a weekend retreat or something. Maybe one day. I finally got the post up on my blog. I'm not sure what happened to my picture up there, but you can see it on my blog. It was really great meeting up with Shirley and Darien.

Re: MOMS coming together

2 cool so glad you guys had a good time.
Love ya

Re: MOMS coming together

It's great that all of u moms got to get together.

Re: MOMS coming together

I am so glad you met & enjoyed one another & gave each other comfort ,strength and those good hugs,I plan to meet myra when I go home to Phenix City,Alabama,she now lives in Opelika,Alabama,It really does feel good to talk with an understanding party.The holidays are coming & I am already beginning to feel sadness,lots of love and hugs to all of you

Re: MOMS coming together

look how cute we all need to meet hope someday lol hugss joann hubert mom

Re: MOMS coming together

Isaida...we have talked about a retreat and even trying to get home makeover to try and build us a place we could go every year. We were going to take RVs and start at each end of the country and meet in the middle. While it seems like an awesome idea we can just never get together on it. I know with just the moms we met what a wonderful time and how heartwarming it was. Great blog...love the pictures....It will always be our dream to some day have the retreat and for all the moms to come visit.