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Happy Memories - share with me

I have been thinking about all of us and our children a lot lately. We come here to the message board to cry, to vent, to share with other MOMS. Some days are so hard, and it helps that there are other MOMS who understand exactly what we feel. I’ve noticed we share our pain, our heartache, and sometimes it’s hard to remember the good times, the laughter. I know for myself, it’s hard at times to even look at Samuel’s pictures, and this month is not going to be easy at all. Samuel’s birthday is on the 20th and maybe that’s why I'm having such a hard time right now. He would have been 20. And I can remember any time I would tell him to be careful, to call me so I know he is alright, etc that he would say, “Mom…I'm almost 20, I’m not a baby anymore!” Little did we know he would not make it to see his 20th birthday. It kills me to think of him lying in the ground. But I can’t keep thinking of that, I can’t keep thinking of him lying in a parking lot shot. I have to remember the good times, the happy times. With holidays upon us, I know it’s going to be so hard for all of us, but let’s try not to dwell on the sadness, but on the happy memories. I think we should all post pictures of happy times, it’s going to be Halloween soon, are there any stories of our kids doing crazy things on Halloween or cute pictures of them dressed up? I am one of those Moms who love to scare my kids, watch scary movies, etc. I got it from my Mom, she loved to tell ghost stories. I have happy memories, and I want to remember them. I'm at work right now, so I don’t have access to my pictures, but once I get home I will look through my pictures of Samuel and remember happy times, and post them here. I’m sure I have a Halloween picture somewhere, and if not, that’s ok, I have plenty others I can share.

Share with me MOMS, share your happy memories….I need a little happiness right now.


Re: Happy Memories - share with me

I can definitely relate to just about everything if not everything you are saying. I am not sure we can post pictures on here though. My mom too enjoy playing tricks on us and I was esp tormented by 3 older brothers. I of course passed the tradition down to Lisa and can remember us always trying to get the best of each other. It breaks my heart what waited for her on the other side of her own apartment door that night. Something she most likely saw (this is for you nanci) ten hundred times as they always watched the scariest of movies. They used to watch them even when they were little with their Dad as they knew I wasn't an advocate of them watching that scary stuff. We always watched our favs like Hocus Pocus we watched that over and over again. I might be able to watch it this year with the girls. One of their favorite parts is when they were running "amuck" and now we still say that as the witches did "amuck amuck amuck". Melanie who took 4 years of French in high school and 1 semester in collge just recently realized that when they went in the boiler in the basement they were lured in there with a french tape and when Bette came out she said in french I want my book! so I always ask Melanie to say it in french for me. Lisa used to bug her all the time to say things in french so I have to fill in for her now to keep Melanie in practice. Sorry I seem to have gone off but just wanted to share and let you know you are not alone and we are always here for you. Luv ya...Laura & AV

Re: Happy Memories - share with me

It was 3 years ago Halloween Jim took Sandra shopping when they got back I looked out to find Jimmy and Sandra handing candy out to all the kids that came by it was still early afternoon he had the hatch open on his car and the back was full of candy.
Big Jim's Mom

Re: Happy Memories - share with me

I've been scanning old pictures of Samuel to make a photobook for Manuel. I have so many pictures of the two of them together and know Manuel will cherish it. It's hard at times going through all the pictures and thinking he only had 19 yrs here with us. I haven't scanned them all. I have to do it in batches, it hurts so much.

Samuel dressed up as a pirate

Samuel and Manuel's birthday cake - they always celebrated their birthday together. Manuel is having a hard time with their bdays coming up. His bday is Oct 17 and Samuel is Oct 20.

Samuel and Manuel - always together


Samuel in the middle with cousins at his and Manuel's b-day party.

Re: Happy Memories - share with me

Kaylin always wanted wings for Halloween when she was in middle school. Last year I bought a pair to send for her grave. She was rainbow brite her last Halloween and she looked beautiful. She was always joking with us and would try to prank us a lot. She was always too smart for ehr own good sometimes. I miss her smile and her laugh.

Re: Happy Memories - share with me

Thanks for opening up a new can of "worms" with us moms by adding the pictures! We sometimes are so easily entertained....lol