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Now I can't take it anymore

I have been keeping an eye on the Murder's face book page this is what his loving mother posted.
Thank You for the nice comments . We all feel so Helpless. We can only Pray his appeal goes through, it`s being sent in Oct.2nd. I Love and Miss Him More than you could ever Imagine. Please Write him, your all he has....Love Kelly
I sent her a little message here it is.
Your son murdered my son in cold blood, you are the cause of my son being dead and your son being in prison. It's just to bad you are not there with him. But your day will come what goes around comes around.

This could get nasty but I am ready for that drunken sot. My blood is boiling right now.
Big Jim's Mom

Re: Now I can't take it anymore

Shirely I am so sorry. When I read this I felt the dread. She misses him oh write to him, give me a break. Don't WE MOM's wish we could visit our child or write them????????? So why the hell did no one tell you about this appeal??? why did you find out from his mother on facebook????? Should we as the parents of our murdered children be informed of these things. I don't blame you for being boiling mad. Please keep us posted on this. if there is anything we can do let us know.

Timmys mom

Re: Now I can't take it anymore

Shirley, So sorry to hear this. Please take care of yourself. I am surprised that she was not charged as well, she should have been. Actually, no, I am not surprised, the POS who brought the gun that they used to MURDER my son with was not charged either!!

Love to you Shirley.

Re: Now I can't take it anymore

Hi all
I got a letter today from the Attorney General telling me about the appeal, it says this process can take several months to a year before the Court of Appeal makes a decision, and I will be informed of the decision. It is going to take longer for his first appeal than it did for his trial and conviction. I do believe he will be turned down but there is that little part of me saying what if.
Love you all
Big Jim's Mom

Re: Now I can't take it anymore

It is sickening, isnt it? My son's murderer has a myspace page,,with updated pictures from prison. I have called the DA about this.
We are also in the appeals stage. This appeal, filed with the Tn Criminal Court of Appeals June 19, 2008,,hearing December 16, 2008, and we still do not have a decision. This can take a long time,,from what I was told usually 6-8 months,,we are past that. But, then was told that there are no time constraints on this. So who the hell knows when this one will be over.
I also was very angry when I saw his myspace page,,for weeks. Now, I am stepping back, letting the DA handle it. This stupid idiot is throwing up gang signs in his picture. That is one of the points of appeal,,that he was wrongfully accused of being in a gang by the state at sentencing.
Hang in there, my sister in grief.
Josh's mom

Re: Now I can't take it anymore

This is so insane like we haven't been through enough, my advocate told me today that anyone who has received a long sentence will file appeals. I say they shouldn't have the right to they had their day in court and lost. Our children don't have the right to appeal hell our children don't have any rights. But I guess this is the kind of crap we will deal with for the rest of our lives. No updated photos on Marlin's Face Book page I don't know who runs the page for him. I just wish I could post right on his page I would give them what for.
Love and Hugs
Jim's Mom

Re: Now I can't take it anymore

OK so I found out I was able to post on the POSs page. I'll bet my Jimmy is rolflhao right now. I even changed my profile picture to a black and white of Jim giving the finger so that is what they see MY Jimmy flipping them off. Guess they shouldn't leave the page open for comments if they can't take the heat get away from the fire. And I don't care if it's mean with the terrible things they have had to say about My Jimmy a little pay back is a good thing. This is the link to his page if anyone wants to take a look.
Love and Hugs ;)
Big Jim's Mom