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I couldn't stand it anymore!

I couldn't stand it anymore I wrote an email to one of the moms that was on that pathetic WETV show about the pathetic coward murdering pos who tried to make excuses for why they murdered. Here it is:

I feel compelled to write you on many different areas of discussion but the first one that comes to mind since viewing your webpage and reading the description of your new book is how you describe it "Every parents nightmare". I am sorry but I and so many others are so offended by that as I do believe that every parents worst nightmare would be losing their child. We have experienced that and in the worst possible way. Our beautiful 18 year daughter was murdered so I can truly say you don't even begin to know what a nightmare is as you still have your son. I watched the special you were a part of on WETV as well as your story of your son. I just want to know if it was WETV or the participating mothers in the special that gave so little "thought" to lives that that had taken and the lives they left devastated? I found with particular disgust the comments such as our childrens life being taken as the "night of the incident" and another mother apologizing for "disrupting our lives". Incident and disruption as if your sons did nothing more than cause us to have a flat tire or made us late for an appointment. Who are you trying to inspire when you speak or write your books? Those who still have their children? I was especially touched at the end when you and your husband were smiling and laughing and hugging J.P. We, the Mothers of Murdered Sons/Daughters visit our children in a cemetary and only hold them in our dreams. We are left raising their children as well as our own who ask everyday of their lives why their mom/dad/sibling was taken and the murderers are left to live? Here is our link to our online support group that we belong to try and survive just one more day without our children in our lives as well as my daughters website. She was killed by a mental patient who didn't even know her name. Just as your son feels he had "justification" and "mental incapacity" at the time of the shooting so does this pathetic coward of a man. Why is it? Why does soceity look for reasons to make murder acceptable or that the victim deserved to die for mistakes they may or may not have made in life? My saying through all this is If life was based on the merit system then why aren't all the pathetic murdering cowards dead?
Laura Maas Mother of Lisa Christine Maas
A true tragedy and more than an incident or disruption



Re: I couldn't stand it anymore!

Right on Laura,
I am so glad you sent this and I would love to see a response(but won't hold my breath).
You go girl!!!!!!!!!
Hugs and much Love
Big Jim's Mom

Re: I couldn't stand it anymore!

Well that's amazing! and I won't hold my breath either, but you better make sure you let us know if you do hear something!!!

Laura, you have a lot more guts than I do, don't know if I could have written that and you did it so well!!

Timmy's mom

Re: I couldn't stand it anymore!

I would love to have the link to this website and the email address. I have no problem telling them what I think about it but I need more information since I did not see the show.

Re: I couldn't stand it anymore!

Laura, as you know I'm unable to get online, but good for you for writing to this piece of ****. Both the murderers' and the mothers of these murderers' are **** plain and simple. These kind of "people" have no human qualities, remember, they RAISED these murderers. I agree with you and glad you wrote them, but they don't give a **** about us! I found that out long ago. I know how this affects us, but the truth is, until the public realizes once and for all our children are truly the victims, they will continue to glamorize and coddle the murderers.

Love to you Laura and AV

Re: I couldn't stand it anymore!

Thank you ladies Very well said Diane and how true it is...The show is going to air again on October 13 Tuesday at 9:00 Eastern Time. If you have cable and are not sure if you get that channel let us know and we can find out for you. It is hard to watch but I wanted to see why they are so willing to show the murders but they turn away from the victims...

Re: I couldn't stand it anymore!

She has recently founded the nonprofit organization, Speak Up for Hope, which will benefit the families of incarcerated individuals. The goal of the organization is to give hope to the hopeless, encouragement and strength to the weary, healing to marriages that have been torn apart by incarceration, and mental, spiritual, and physical stability to the children of prisoners. Where are the groups to help the victims and shouldn't a woman of faith be trying to help the group of people that her son and the other prisoners took so much from? Sorry but it is just my opinion. Maybe I just don't get it???