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a quick note

hi moms... just a short note to say i havent been feeling well, so i havent come to chat for a few days...when i came to look at the message board, it looks like there hasnt been much activity here...is everyone okay? i mean, as ok as can be expected? i hope to see you all in the chatroom soon...maybe ill try to come in tonite...til then, i love you all and miss you terribly...see ya soon, julie

Re: a quick note

Hi Julie
Hope you are feeling better, not much going on here on the board. Come to chat if you feel like it I'll try to be there tonight.
Big Jim's Mom

Re: a quick note

Hi Julie, Yeah I haven't been around much either, I do come here and try and post or reply when I see something. Not much on chat though I'm so tired at night and my back has been bothering me so I sit at a computer all day sure don't feel like it by the time I get home, done dinner, and cleaning up cause my boys don't help like they should! Hopefully will get to chat soon with all my mom's I miss you all so much. I'm not doing all that great myself. Just trying to get by each day as best as I can. My life just is to sad, way to sad, I'm always sad no one wants to be around me anymore.

Love you all
timmy's mom

Re: a quick note

me too i have been sick myself.i miss you all joann hubert mom