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Samuel's Headstone


Having a hard time right now...posted on my blog.


Re: Samuel's Headstone

It is very beautiful and a wonderful memorial to your dear son. I just got my son's headstone up a week ago and it does give you a reality smack in the face. Hang in there; I wish I could say time eases your pain, but it doesn't. Just keep his memory alive in you.

Re: Samuel's Headstone

what a beautiful stone, God bless you sweettie. It took almost a year for me to get my son's. Timmy was killed on a Friday the 13th in July 2007, the following June was a Friday the 13th 2008 and that is when they put his headstone in, on another Friday the 13th one month before his one year anniversary. It's forever embedded in my mind, that date.....

I really like how you did all the different pictures, I wish I would have thought of that, it's absolutely beautiful. I know it is hard, we are here .... always.

Timmy's mom

Re: Samuel's Headstone

A beautiful tribute to a good lookin guy.
Love and Hugs
Jim's Mom

Re: Samuel's Headstone

Kaylin's is very similar. We should be getting it soon. They are delivering it here and we will go see it then they will ship it to the cemetery for them to set it. It took us a little bit to decide what pictures and we had them change something so they had to do another proof. The proof is beautiful but I never wanted to have to purchase this for my child.
It is a beautiful tribute to a wonderful young man.

Re: Samuel's Headstone

Dear Isaida
What a beautiful headstone.Your son is very handsome and you have captured him quite nicely in these pictures.I am so glad it only took 4 months for you.Nicky's took 1 year.Is the hole in the middle for a candle? That's great we had so many rules and regulations in our cemetary,they just recently allowed people to put a picture of your loved one on the stone.I hope you take some comfort in visiting him,and find some peace.Love and God Bless

Re: Samuel's Headstone

Barb, I think that is for a vase. Kaylin's came in today. We are going to go see it tomorrow. They had it sent to Santa Barbara where we ordered it so we could see the real one. I hope it turned out as nicely as the proof but I am nervous about seeing the real thing. Another reminder. We are having Kaylin's vase set in the granite behind the actual stone. After we see it they will ship it to Texas to set it for us. It has been fourteen months and 24 days so far. I hate that it took that long. Isaida I will post Kaylin's tomorrow. We picked very similar stones.

Re: Samuel's Headstone

Samuel's headstone is just beautiful. May I ask where did you get the headstone from. I've been looking to get a custom headstone for my son too. I'm sorry for your loss.

Re: Samuel's Headstone

It is absolutely beautiful...I love the multiple poses...Samuel will always be in our heart...Laura & AV