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some prayers

I just spoke to a friend of mine whose kids are friends with this guy and sort of friends with my boys, after Timmy when he'd go by he would always say something nice to me, how he always had Timmy's pin and say great things about him how much a great kid he was and stuff. Just heard he tried to kill himself last night shot himself in the chest, so far he is in ICU. They think he will make it, went right thru the heart and lung but no major arteries had to repair hole in heart, so please keep him in your prayers.

so sad, I wanted to cry.

Thanks mom's
timmy's mom

Re: some prayers

We will definitely keep him in our prayers. Try and hang in there so many bad things happening but we know you can pull thru this and you know that you are not alone. We are just an email/phone call away. I still owe you chapter 2 and promise it is on the way. Luv ya...Laura/AV
PS Talked to our civil attorney today and it seems like those that murder have all the protection from the DA's office all the way to the supreme court. But that will have to be chapter 3 lol.....

Re: some prayers

Well I am waiting...... patiently...... for my stories...... LOL :)

Thank you Laura, so far I haven't heard anything but I just have a bad feeling had it all night am afraid to call my friend to see how he is doing. She was supposed to call me last night and didn't.

Wow what's this about the DA protecting the POS too????? You know it just makes me sick all of this I don't know how any of us gets thru it, I really am so tired, tired of fighting for everything when we shouldn't evn have to fight for justice for our kids. I'm so sick of it all.

Love yas

Re: some prayers

Bette just so sad what could ever be so bad that a child would want to end his own life? I will keep you, the young man and his family in my thoughts and in my heart.
Love "N" Hugs
Jim's Mom

Re: some prayers

Thank you Shirley, so far he is doing good. It was actually a22 rifle from what I'm hearing, they repaird his heart and his lung, the lung collapsed, but they have him off the respirator and breathing on his own, he is awake and aware. Thanks for the prayers. I don't understand it either, I keep thinking that myself, I hope he believes he is a miracle and lives his life to the fullest now he was awarded a second chance. I pray he does good with it. We all wish we could have had that second chance, I know I wish it for my Timmy.