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Here we go again

Hi all looks like I will have to spend what little savings I have, Miss Sandra's mother is on one of her kicks again I don't get to see Sandra unless I go to their house. No Sorry I am not going to play that game again I played it with my oldest granddaughter's mother for years and I am way to **** old for games and not in the mood. I have an appointment with a (sorry this is a bad word) Defense Attorney he helped Jim get his visitation so I know he can help me. I told Sandra's mom if she wanted to spend the money for an attorney it's ok with me because there is nothing I have done that she could use to keep Sandra and I apart. Oh Yea the fight is on!
Love you all
Jim's Mom

Re: Here we go again

Shirley, I am so sorry to hear you are going through this crap. I hope your attorney is good, sounds like he is. I am thinking of you. Here you got a guy like your Jimmy that actually wants to and does involve himself with his child while most so called "men" out here don't give a dam about their kids. They don't even claim them, support them or care about them! My son did not have any kids, he never got the chance to, and for that I'm glad because I couldn't deal with these ******* out here!!!! Speaking of which, his so called "girlfriend" who he really cared about ended up pregnant that same summer by another guy...gee it didn't take her long to go and get some dick right after my son was brutally murdered, someone she claimed she cared about. (sorry that ****** me off-can't figure out some of these women)
Love to you Shirley

Re: Here we go again

In Cincinnati grandparents have rights to see their grandchildren. There are articles if you search grandparents rights in California. They might help. If there is anything that I can do to help, please let me know. Love and Hugs.

Re: Here we go again

You go get 'em Shirley. She must be out of her mind or forgot who she was messing with: Big Jim's Mom...Lol...What a shame the crap we have to go through when we are the victims.....Luv ya....Laura & AV

Re: Here we go again

I had to take my granddaughters mom to court to establish my grandparents visitation. I filled out the paperwork myself and filed. She admitted in court that my granddaughter was with me most of the time until my sons death. Based on her own testimony the judge granted me to have her every weekend. Most states allow every other weekend for grandparents, but it is up to the judge. Long story short I now have her full time as her momma just wanted the man not the baby. Best of luck, You CAN do it.
luv ya

Re: Here we go again

I don't get it, why do these girls do this? you have a wonderful loving person who wants to be in your childs life and they fight you???? I wish my kids had someone to do this for them, when my ex- MIL was alive she would take them down the shore every 3 weeks, I loved it. It gave them time with their day and mom-mom & pop-pop and it gave me a chance to breath! When she died it all died with her, ex started drinking again, and it was a terrible mess for my boys that's a whole nohter long story! now I'm lucky if my boys talk to their pop on the phone once in a while if they call him. No one calls here to see how we are doing to see how they are doing, we are not invited to any parties, or holiday function or NOTHING!!! You go Shirley!!!! I hope you get all you should!!! She should be happy to have you in her life and would want her child to have that also, I know for sure I would!!!!! To be so lucky, I would have loved to have that for my boys, they need their family, she has no idea what this will do, it messed my boys heads up big time. And they know it wasn't me, because I would have loved to keep all them in their lives. It only got worse after Timmy was killed, and to lose more of your family at a time of tragedy was the hardest thing for me to see my boys go thru.

We got your back girl!

Timmy's mom