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Thank you for your support and comfort

I am greatful for your kindness and your support, it comforts me to know that someone cares about what happened to my son.

I report information that would have show the police if someone was riding in the car with my son. And it wasn't important enough for him to make contact, it took so long for him to contact the gas station the owner had tape over the night by the time he made contact with them.

I'm hurting, in heart, body, mind and sole, I had just had surgery where I spent most of my time in ICU, just to bury my son two days later, I would have gladly given my time in life for my son, He was a person, he had a life, he was single father, brother, uncle, church member, song writer, singer, certified fortlifter, a packer for solo cup company,friend to many, he brought joy every where he went, he prayed the spirit to accomplished in the life of others.
I prayed every day/night that my childern would live and not die. And if ever it was time for my babies to leave this earth, I ask God to remember the works in my life and add day unto my children the same as with his servant from his word.

But I guess God ears didn't hear my prayers that night. And the people that I prayed into my children life for their safety was too busy to no that he was in trouble.

I should have died many time starting from the time I was about 12, but creator made death behave evertime,death came for me."I would have died that my son would live"

It is so diffcult I lose breathe and I just don't want to live without him, but I see my other children my youngest son, how weak this is making him and hold life to live for him.

I don't have the strength to thank each of you personally, but I do thank you for your love and suppot. Sandra

Re: Thank you for your support and comfort

I'm so sorry for the pain you are suffering, but I know it all to well. I cannot say it goes away because for me it doesn't, didn't. I live just for my other 2 boys, I also feel that I died the day my son, my baby was killed. He was only 15 he had so much more to live for, so much I'll never see. It breaks me apart to think of it, it's been a littel over 2 years and each day I wake up and he is my first thoguth and my last before I go to bed and all in between. I don't understand why this world gives so much pain to some and not to others, not that I would wish this on anyone but i jsut don't understand how anyone could take anyone's life. I'll never understand it. I get by each day knowing that my other boys need me. I am broken, I feel like there is nothing for me anymore, my life has been shattered, but yet each day I get up and do what I do God only knows how.

I try and find comfort in some of my memories I have of my baby, sometimes they help and sometimes it doesn't, I stare at pictures and know he'll forever be 15. I ask God to help me thru each day and to keep my other boys safe, I always prayed for my kids, I always asked to keep them safe and protect them. I cannot blame God though I did in the beginning, I blame the evil in men's hearts that did this. Evil is so strong in this world anymore.

I can only say take one moment at a time. As this is how I get thru each day. You are not alone, I know that doesn't sound great, but knowing there are other people who know the pain you live in and can be there to support you know matter what does help.

God Bless
Timmy's mom