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anyone having trouble getting into the sites on last-memories? I keep getting an error code no matter which site i go and try to visit, I want to light my candles!!! I know I don't go in as often as I'd like and so many people always are so kind in keeping Timmy's candles going so I try and get on as often as I can and now this, I'm like hoping it's not another problem like we had with memory-of site!!!

Re: last-memories

I am having the same problem. I sent an email to support but I have not heard anything yet.

Re: last-memories

Hey Bette
I got on one site today then that was the end couldn't get on any more. Melinda is having the same problem. Guess last memories is having technical problems. :(
Jim's Mom

Re: last-memories

Hey guys I went on today and all I got were pyschodelic falling stars shooting at me.Don't worry I think it's our angels playing a little joke on us.I think they are like, okay enough with last memories,you need to go brighten up memory of a little.Our sites haven't been updated in a while.What'd ya do forget about it? LOL Well at least that's what I'm hoping Love ya all

Re: last-memories

Ok I thought it was my computer and I also sent an email too!

LOL Barb, well since I couldn't get into last-memories I went on memory-of sites LOL so I did get to light some candles there! I stil like my memory-of site.

Hopefully today we can get back on last-memories.

Love yas!
Timmy's mom