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The Icing on the Cake

I really think I am going to explode or have a nervous breakdown. Stupid me, I guess I was just asking for more pain, but I had heard that the killer's parent's were moving into a new house they just bought. Maybe I am being morbid but I was curious to see what the piece of **** looks like. After church yesterday, my aunt and I drove down the street looking for their new house and that jackass was standing in the driveway and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he KNEW who I was........I don't know how, but he did. He waved really big and was grinning from ear to ear. I am so *************** am so broken..........I am so hurt.......
Below is the link to the online article that was posted today concerning the grand jury, if anyone cares to go read it. When I first saw it this morning, they had misspelled my son's name. I was furious, I sent them an email which said and I quote "It's bad enough that the grand jury let a cold blooded killer walk free, but the least you could do is spell my son's name correctly!!!"
I am in shock and I just keep thinking did last week really happen or was I dreaming? How could this happen. This jerk's dad took him the gun 5 minutes before he killed my son.

Re: The Icing on the Cake

Don't give up I do believe the DA can take it back to the grandjury with more information, although I can't understand what more they would need. Shooting an unarmed man is not self defense. That POS will not get the last laugh.
Love "N" Hugs
Jim's Mom

Re: The Icing on the Cake

I am sorry you are going through this. My son was murdered on Jan 4 09 at his house by someone he knew. Because they were in a fight earlier, his killer will be plea bargaining down to involuntary manslaughter and I have been told no jail time. I believe that his killer will pay for this in the end. While I want justice for my son, I realize it does not change the outcome for me. I will never be able to talk to him again or see him get married and have babies. He will forever be 22 and his little sister will eventually be older than him. It is heartbreaking for all us to go through this. From what I have read about the murderer of your son, that POS is a jerk and will continue to get into trouble.

Re: The Icing on the Cake

I do hope the DA can finangle something out of this, I also don't understand how this could be self defense when one had a gun and the other didnt? I don't get our justice system that we have to fight for the murder of our kids? It makes no sense at all. Sending many hugs (((((((((((hugs))))))))))

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