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e mail to lemondrop.com

MOMS Mother's of Murdered Sons and Daughters would love to have our voices heard. We are sick of the injustices we are handed, tired of waiting years for trial, sick of murderers having all the rights while our children have NONE. You had a special on Mother's of Sons who Murdered Why not have a special on Moms who's child has been murdered. We are the victims now our children are DEAD we can not hold them, tell them we love them, we hear their voices only in our minds. What I wouldn't give for a phone call from my son but that will never happen because he was Murdered. I belong to a group of mothers who have lost a child to murder our web site is http://moms.memorial-of-love.net/ take a few minutes to read some of our posts that is where you will see heartbreak, grieving, friendship and a lot of love. From there you can also see memorial pages page after page because that is one of the few things we MOMS can do for our Angels.
I sent this e mail I hope it makes since I am so P@##ed after reading Alisa's post.
Hugs to all
Jim's Mom

Re: e mail to lemondrop.com

Dear Shirley
When did this show air and on what channel? I wouldn't mind emailing them and asking them for a show where both parties had equal time to tell their stories.These shows love controversy so you have to play their game.I would have liked to see the show although it probably would have made me sick,that our children's stories couldn't be told also on the same show.What do you think about this? Since you saw the whole show you are better equipped at knowing what was said by the mothers of murderers.Was anyone ashamed or did they feel sorry for the moms of the murdered children and what their children did? Let me know if you can find where I can view this show.Love and God Bless