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Well I decided to write to them even though I didn't get the chance too. I was more ****** in hearing about it from some of you guys that it didnt even matter to me that I didn't watch it, it was just the nerve of this even being aired on TV. So let I emailed it to them and possibly will mail it also. Laura, you gave me the inspiration, seeing what it did to you, I became furious and the mother hen mode kicked in.

Love - Bette
Timmy's mom

Dear Sir/Madam:

I would just like to write and say how disappointed I am in your network filming something of this nature. I do understand the pain a mother feels whenever something happens in their child’s life, but how do you know the other side of the story? The story of the mother whose child was the one who was killed? The pain and torment they live each and every single day of their lives, for the rest of their lives? Knowing they will never see their baby’s face, here their laughter, see their smile or say I love you one more time? Did you ever think that filming such a show and how the affect it would have on the family of those they killed?

Well let me tell you a little bit, my son Timothy Clark was 15 years old when him and a friend of his older brother (he was 26) decided to take a late night walk to the store to get snacks for the next day so they can go lawn mowing to earn some extra pocket money. This was on Friday, July 13, 2007. Yes a Friday the 13th! On their way home, 2 men ambushed them and shot my son in the back of his head execution style, the other guy was shot through the neck and died 2 days later. We didn’t find out who was the “alleged” killer for 14 months. I did everything I could, with the help of my friends, family and community to raise money for a reward for my son. We did car washes, held benefits, practically begged people for money so someone might finally one day come forward and give my son justice. Did he deserve to die? No, no one deserves to die in this manner, no one has the right to take another person’s life no matter what the circumstances are. Do you want to know the circumstances of my son’s??? He was killed because he was and I quote “a casualty of war”. Yes they finally made an arrest, we are still awaiting trial, which by the way is not for another year and half, the two accused of killing my son and my son’s older brothers friend, was because they didn’t like him, they didn’t like the other guy because he was black (my son is white) they didn’t like him having a baby with his sister (who is also white), so they decided to kill him instead, and they shot my son because ‘HE WAS A CASUALTY OF WAR’. A 15 YEAR OLD LITTLE BOY!!!! I’ll never see him grow up, graduate from high school, get his driver’s license, fall in love, get married or have children of his own. I’ve lost everything, my whole heart and soul the day my son was killed. Nothing will ever bring him back to me. I will never get to hug him or kiss him ever again. All I have are pictures, memories and a headstone to visit.

When you made this show, did you think about the consequences it would have on the families of those they killed or even others who were murdered like my son? Did you ever care about what that would do to these people? Or does that even matter, does the ratings on your show count more than what it does to people? Well if that is the case then shame on you, if not, then maybe you should do a show on children who were killed and what THEIR MOTHERS ARE GOING THROUGH!!!!! How the pain will never go away for as long as we live, that a piece of our heart has been ripped out, and the only reason why we keep on going is because our children would never want us to give up, we keep fighting for them! And how it doesn’t go away after a trial if we are lucky enough to have one, that each day is harder and harder to even get out of bed sometimes, and how much agony their brothers/sisters have to live in, living in their own despair at losing their brother/sister to murder, dealing with the media, going through the court process, seeing THEIR MOTHER’S FALL APART every single day and they have to live with that for THE REST OF THEIR LIVES.

People make choices in what they do, the people who murder someone makes that choice, my son did not make the choice in getting shot in the back of his head at the age of 15!

You can disregard this email, or maybe do the right thing and do something about it and bring the voices of the mother’s who children were killed to light just as you have for the murderer’s mothers.

Bette Ann Clark


Good for you Bette, I sent a e mail also not that they will pay attention but it made me feel a bit better. I just wanted to jump and slap those mother,s for some of the things they said.
One said "How could this happen to my son" she gets to visit her son she can talk with him on the phone.
What I wouldn't give for a phone call from My Jim.
I better quit at this point I may start using words that aren't very nice.
Love Ya
Jim's Mom


You go Crazy Lady We can see the finger waving as we read your letter. We do need to keep reminding them of our side and just because our angels are gone that doesn't mean we don't need our voices for them to be heard. Luv ya...Laura & AV


Well of course I never heard a peep back but then I didn't think I would.

We just can never give up!

Timmy's mom