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piece on aol

Mom's go to aol page . There is a piece on there
called .Mom's of murderers speak on sons. Nothing as to feeling anything for the vitims or their familys . At least they can go see their children. We can only go to a grave. I coundn't belive it.

Bobbie Billy Lee's mom

Re: piece on aol

I watched the video clip I can't believe the one mother saying she knew her nephew would get her son into things he couldn't get out of. Always someone else's fault.
Jim's Mom

Re: piece on aol

I didn't see it on the aol page but I did see it on lemondrop.com. Apparantly it was on a show called Secret Lives of Women. What I would like to know is, where are the people wanting to talk to us? Apparantly we don't make a good enough story. IF it was our child who killed someone then I guess they would think we were. I do feel for the family of someone who commits the crime IF they accept that what their child did was wrong and hold them accountable. I do not think that all people who murder were raised badly. I think a lot were but not all. I understand loving your child no matter what but telling them you will visit them while they accept the punishment for what they did. They can still see their child we can't and the comment that the victim's family gets all the sympathy? What? When people find out your child was murdered, they act like they will catch it. People distance themselves and then you face the "justice" system that is trying to make sure that the criminal is catered to. I am wondering when we will see the parents of murdered children on the Secret Lives of Women. When is our voice going to be heard?

Re: piece on aol

Secret Lives of Woman, is that an organization? Maybe we should google and all write mails to them so maybe the could show the "other" side, the important side, the one where the pain never goes away, the one where we never get to hug, kiss, say I love you one more time, nothing! why is it that the stories of our children seem meaningless anymore? why is it that time goes by and they become dust in the wind, well **** it I'm not going to let that happen!!!

Re: piece on aol

Well I left a reply, I can't believe the posts on there people griping about how the story was written grammatical errors. Who Fing cares about grammatical errors these Monsters murdered someone child!
Jim's Mom