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Possible Delay in Trial

Hi Everyone,
I got a letter in the mail yesterday from the prosector and there is a possibilty in a delay of the trial because they are still waiting on the completion of evidence. I am grateful that they are being so thorough. The murderr has been moved to a more secure facility where I can get email alerts avout him. The website is www.vinelivk.com and then you click on the state and enter an offenders name.

Re: Possible Delay in Trial

I am glad that they are being thorough too. I pray that all comes out in justice for your daughter.

Re: Possible Delay in Trial

Dear Paula
I think it is good that they are taking their time with the evidence.It shows they care.We will be praying for you and thanks for the link,I looked mine up.Love and God Bless

Re: Possible Delay in Trial

Hi Paula,
Yes the dreaded delays. They tell us that they want to get everything just right becuz unlike the murdering cowards that did this to our children the prosecution only gets one shot so it has to be their best one and if they make one slip despite the fact that the murder is guilty they might get off. Try and hang in there. Laura & AV